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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!!!  I made some recent posts to the Trip Advisor website that were simply about some up and coming changes that will affect travelers to Vietnam.  For the life of me I cannot understand what their problem is and I notice many of the most knowledgeable contributors absent with either suspended accounts or perhaps no longer wishing to contribute. The void is quickly being filled by people who are giving very bad or mistaken advice. I have to wonder after becoming so popular so quickly, if they will fall just as fast……. Anyway……. Here is the information they felt should not be shared with TA readers.


1)    Stamping Fee

Amending And Supplementing The Circular No.66/2009/Tt-Btc, Of March 30, 2009 Of The Ministry Of Finance Stipulating The Regime On Collection, Remittance, Management And Use Of Fees On Passports, Visas And Papers On Entry, Exit, Transit And Residence In Vietnam takes effect on January 01, 2013. It will cost foreign and overseas Vietnamese visitors to nearly double to obtain visas to come to Vietnam starting next year.

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Type of fees

Fee rate

1 Single-entry   visas USD 45
2 Multiple-entry   visas
a)            Valid for less than 01 month USD 65
b)            Valid for less than 06 months USD 95
c)            Valid for 6 months or more USD 135
3 Transfer of   validity of visas or temporary residence from expired passports to new   passports USD 15
4 Temporary   residence cards:
Valid for up to 1   year USD 80
Valid for between   over 1 year and 2 years USD 100
Valid for between   over 2 year and 3 years USD 120


Requirement visa on arrival


Applicants must enter Vietnam by air to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon and DaNang city.

Two passport photos size 4 x 6 cm.

Printing approval letter to get boarding.

Download form on arrival

Paying stamping fee in cash USD at the airport when picking up visa.

In addition, I have been informed that in part to the over 200 deaths of foreigners in Vietnam due to traffic fatalities, foreigners will no longer be allowed to drive without a valid Vietnamese drivers license…… Sorry Top Gear fans……

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20 thoughts on “Vietnam Visa Update

  1. will be visiting Viet Nam in early Oct. We have a visa, but it’s a single entry visa, we need to upgrade to a multi entry visa, what is the easiest way to get a multi entry visa. Can we do this when we arrive in Hanoi?

    1. I would suggest arranging a Visa on arrival. just do a search on the internet and you will come up with a number of companies that can help

  2. Requirement visa on arrival
    a.)Applicants must enter Vietnam by air to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon and DaNang city.
    b.)Two passport photos size 4 x 6 cm.
    c.)Printing approval letter to get boarding.
    d.)Download form on arrival
    e.)Paying stamping fee in cash USD at the airport when picking up visa.

    Hi, excuse my confusion, but I understand items a., b., d., and e. in your post. But what exactly do you mean with item c., “Printing approval letter to get boarding.” ?

    Thanks for your reply, I’m flying to Nha Trang in two weeks with my girlfriend.


    1. After arranging the visa, You will receive by email a letter of approval. Present this letter on arrival and everything should work out fine.
      Hopefully you will have a stress free trip.

      1. Thanks for the advice Owee!

        Also, I would like to check availability of rooms at your homestay for the nights of Monday, June 10th, and Tuesday, June 11th! My girlfriend and I wish to schedule a motorcycle tour for one of those two days, as well!

        How do we contact you? Not sure where on the RipTide Homestay website this works!


  3. Hi Owee,

    We enjoy your copy. Got a practical question. We would like to travel from ho chih min city to Mui ne preferable by train…but with Tet maybe the trains are not running on time?…besides that we are traveling with 2 young kids, so maybe a car is an better option. Wich car plus driver would yo recommend, or if going by train wich booker would you recommend to make the reseration for train tickets.


    1. Actually, Mui Ne is inconvinient to get to by train. I would suggest a day bus. The trip takes about 5 hours. A private car would cost about 70 or 80 dollars last time i looked.

      1. Ha my thoughts where: ‘if everybody drives like a maniac, we would better opt for the train. Could you recommend a save ‘day bus company’, or car?…

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the blog on visa’s, Aussie ones also go up on the 1st Jan, now $8O p/p single entry plus postage and handling to Canberra.
    Have just contacted V’Explore to inquire if they do a day tour to the Mekong from Saigon. Arrive in August, hanging out for that time.
    Happy New Year.
    P.S Agree about TA, getting a tad too big for their boots and ssoooo many bogus posts,I am now looking independently for travel info where once TA was my bible for travelling.

  5. Hi owee, how’s the riptide coming along? How much is a twin room per night in your homestay? Do the rooms have fridge tv a/c and shower? Will there be an area to sit outside your room to enjoy a morning coffee or beer in the evening? Sorry for the 40 Questions but trying to get a picture of your new adventure…. I guess there’ll be plenty of cheap eats around your area aswell, hope to here from you soon and happy new year regards ray.

    1. The RipTide is nearing completion and we will quote prices as quotes for total stays as we plan to tailor a persons stay to include tours and activities. There are 3 decks, a front and rear yard, and terraces to get away for your morning coffee. I will build a new website when I am ready to go full forward that explains everything. for now, just tuype in Riptide Nha Trang into your search provider… there is a bit of information

  6. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy owee; How about a photo of u holding todays newspaper.? You know, the saigon journal or danang star , something like that. YEAH; and do not put all your eggs in 1 basket (u know what i am talking about, eh?? wink, wink, nudge,nudge) .

  7. Hey Owen,
    We got away early the other morning and missed saying goodbye and thankyou. We both thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Tide as well as your consumate hosting skills and attention.Likewise our stay in Dalat, Yan at the Dreams 2 also made our stay a very enjoyable one. Thankyou again for helping there . We are at Bao Loc and are two cycling days from HCMC where we will be for NYE . Anyway mate all the best to Mai, Son and yourself and hope the new venture fairs well.

    Pete n Loui

    PS – Must be using the wrong hand for the wiggle as it just seems to bring the hawkers closer

      1. Re New resident card. American. Nha Trang I live. Business partner with my common law Viet wife. Also I have a 2 year old kid with her. So maybe I can get 5 year because of my kid.

        1. There are a few options available to you. A permanent resident card is available if you have been here more than 5 years and are sponsored by your Vietnamese family, a temporary residence card if you are working here and your own company can sponsor you, or a 5 year visa exemption (pain in the but). Currently the easiest way is the new 1 year visa they are offering to American visitors. As you are common law and not actually marries, I am not sure if you would qualify for some of them.

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