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It is about time for another blog that is a bit more personal for friends and family that are wondering what is going on in my life these days.

I have noticed a lot of interesting changes in the past year and it looks like there are big things happening in Nha Trang and the rest ofVietnam. About 6 months or more ago, Nha Trang was listed in one of the top 10 places in the world to retire by Yahoo. Since then I have heard the same from other sources. This might explain why I have encountered many people currently living inThailandand other areas showing up at my door with questions regarding relocating toVietnam. These enquires started probably more than a year ago, but I really did not take notice until now. Nowadays I am being regularly visited by people from all over with questions. At the same time, I am witnessing large luxury housing developments, condo complexes, and resorts under construction. Wow!! This place is hopping. I have one of my houses up for sale but I am

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seriously considering not selling and holding on to it for another year or two. The Vietnamese newspapers have talked about property in Nha Trang and area increasing as much as 600 %. That is hard for me to believe, but if that is the case….. I am happy I purchased property when I did. For now, I will probably still sell if I get my price but if the announced marina project is started in July like announced, everything will skyrocket…. Hmmmmm.

My highland and country tours have become more successful than I could have imagined. There is a large hunger out there of people who want to experienceVietnamaway from all the other tourists and away from the much traveled path and they seem to see me as a person they want to organize and host for them. I am flattered and count myself very lucky that I can share my experience and enjoyment of

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this country and people with others. If I had any idea that I could have done this for a living, I would have come here a long time ago. Another twist of fate has me working to design new and interesting tours with my friends at V’Explore. As I blogged earlier, I was part of a team touring the Mekong to assess the viability of offering an exit and enterMekongboat trip. It looks like it will be a sought after tour from the reading I have done on the internet. In the interest of designing more exotic and adventurous tours, I have the pleasure to be traveling toBurmain the next two weeks and then toThailand  to hopefully help establish relationships and help sell tourism inVietnam….. Huh……. Who knew? Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

This has been an interesting year. I have had repeat customers ( that have become

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friends), and friends…. already so, return toVietnam…. Heck… Some of them even want to relocate here. That is good news for me aw it seems the only thing I miss about home is my family.

This brings me to my family and friends back inCanada. I do think about them and miss them. My sister and nephew will be visiting in 2 months and I look forward to taking them on one of the incredible adventures that is now my day to day life. OK…. That is enough for now about me….. next post will be more hopefully helpful travel information.

This post contains photos taken with my cell phone on recent tours.


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4 thoughts on “Just an update of what is going on

  1. Dunno man, Phuong and I were just in NT this week and saw a lot of changes. That place is going to collapse under the weight of hotels in a few years from the look of it. Also knee deep in Russian tourists. Funny thing (she mentioned to me) sign laws don’t apply to the Russians? Talked to a few business owners who really don’t like them; I guess these are the poor ones on package tours?

    We’re waiting for Dave ‘the mule’ to get here then we’ll probably head for the Highlands for a week or so of R&R, getting hot down here on the flat-lands now.

    Let us know when you’re back in town, if we’re close on time off may hook up for riding part of the way?


  2. Owee, I’m taking this personal now. You are constantly rubbing my nose in the fact that you are living…MY….. dream! This is a cease and decist order! I have about 3 years before I can retire and you are making it totally intolerable by constantly reminding me of how much fun you’re having. My visits are more frequent because of this also. See you soon!

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