A few bike rides in the country in pictures

Rice fields
A beautiful country
Fishing in a flooded rice paddi
More rice fields
Water lillies
Carpet weavers
A husband and wife that could not conceive.. He asked me if I could sleep with his wife so that maybe they could have a child.... I politely declined
A view of the prison from above
A guard tower.
A deserted prison or???
A farm on the side of a mountain
My bike path through the jungle

All photo’s from a typical day in my world…. more to come

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3 thoughts on “A few bike rides in the country in pictures

  1. Definitely appears to be a former Dentention Center of some sort. Oh boy, sounds like an interesting ride to me. Love these mysteries. Now if I can make the ride without collapsing…

  2. The deserted prison photo looks like an old French built building…..could have been anything military as they were very big on walls.

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