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I have still been very busy with the hotel and other matters. Since Khuyen has left, there has been a change in routine that makes it hard to have free time. The past short while, I have been entertaining some very nice people, and decided to join them on a 4 island boat tour. I had been approached by a woman who is the manager of a tour company and I decided to give the company a try. I liked her and if the tour was good, I would send customers here way. Well…… The trip was very much like I have described in other posts but there were a few things that did not work out. The bus was there to pick us up half an hour early only to deliver us to the port for wait for half an hour. The boat we were on was so confined in space that I came back with sore muscles. Lastly the food and entertainment was not too great. I like the

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 manager and will perhaps spend time having a coffee and conversation, but I am sorry…….. No business from me.

I posted a month or so ago about a woman named Sue that had come into my life like some kind of whirlwind, and then was gone. I had hopes that someday she would return, and yesterday her she is. She is a very pleasant woman with a bubbly personality and sees positive things in almost everything she looks at. I wish all people here would look at things that way.

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Always the host, I spent the afternoon with her in the back of the bike for a tour of the countryside. It was a beautiful ride and was only interrupted by a short afternoon rain that helped to cool things down. I had a good time as she also did, but I better be careful…. I do not want my loving wife to get the wrong idea.

Poor Mai has been overworked the last week or so. She had no idea how


 much work our ex cleaning person did and it is taking sometimes 3 people to keep up with it. It seems not fair sometimes that she is working so hard and directing things here while I am out and about just having fun with guests. But I guess we both have our jobs…. She is to run the internals, and me to take care of the guests, and do marketing and top end decisions. It has worked out so far, but I am thinking I have to get her away for a holiday or at least some time together.

I have just returned from another fantastic day. I was supposed to stay home and deal with business, but as it turned out, business was all about helping and being with some very nice people. It started with a guest (Andrew) and I making a kamikaze ride to try to catch a bus that we were not successful at. After an emotional goodbye, it was back to the hotel. Oops, no peace to be had. My nephew was here to help with the repairs I needed to do. In the afternoon while I was introducing a teacher to a venue that needed one, friends had dropped by and were in search of me. We found each other and ended up on bicycles going to my house for a look. After

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 returning home, I found that my guests had returned from a boat trip and went to a local Bia Hoi place for a bit of refreshment… I was told to attend, so after leading my friends to join my guests, I fulfilled my duties of taking my wife shopping before returning to join them for a spell. It was a lot of fun clinking glasses and the yells of Mot Hi Ba Yo!! The party broke up and we were off for seafood. We found a place that I have never been before, and for the first time in my neighborhood, had some very bad food. Even the beer was not cold!! Oh the horror!! It was sort of sad for the day to end, my friends headed south by foot, and I and my customer headed north. Ahhhhhhh….. just a another day in NhaTrang.

How was your day?

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  1. My day … boring drawing hundreds of friggen triangles for the new Math 1o curriculum textbooks. On Friday I an in a golf tournament with Kilbourn though.

    I tried setting up a new yahoo and sent you a request but no reply. send me your contact info to my e-mail so I know I have it right.

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