Pictures of the Mekong

The hotel is still solidly booked and we are enjoying some very nice people. For the most part, we are attracting exactly the kind of tourist we want. One that really desires a taste of what Vietnam is away from the overwhelming pressure that the tourist areas have. The result is that some very nice people with similar mindsets to my own drop by and the fun begins. Tomorrow I am headed out on a snorkeling trip with some of these very nice guests tomorrow, so I will just provide you with some beautiful images of the Mekong. Oh!!! And an after thought…. Twice this week, young boys have run up and stolen property left on the beach by guests enjoying a swim. Please people!! Leave your valuables in the hotel and enjoy without tempting the poor youngsters with crimes of opportunity.

A wave from Nghiaparked boats


Boats displaying their goods


Making rice paper
Wrapping rice snacks

mus fish