A very short post from Saigon

As I mentioned, I met with some very nice guys who are important contributors to the Trip Advisor website in my opinion, I will talk more on that when I have time. I only have a short time as I am headed off to the Mekong tomorrow with the good  I have that own a great tour company. If there is Internet at the locations we stay, I will do my best to add something, but I have the feeling I will be without Internet for a day or two. We will see. I think my tour guide friends may use us to test out some up and coming destinations that are a little bit less traveled. I will include all of the adventure in future posts. Now for an interesting event….

Those of you that know Saigon are aware of the booming sex trade in the tourist area. You can not walk 10 meters without the offer of drugs, massage, or boom boom. Well guess what?? The corners of Pham Ngu Lao had security and we walked the entire length of the street in the tourist area without getting a single offer!! Whaaa???? Something is afoot. Maybe they are trying to cleqn up this area? I hope so,,,,,, a little action is fine, but the constant harassment of the industry was wearing a bit thin. It is shocking though…. 3 months ago I would have been offered sex at least 30 times on the walk, and today…. only 3 times…..

Times…… they are a changing.

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