My English is bad…

Before I get on to today’s topic, I feel I am in need for some of your input. I have posts a number of blogs that addresses some very serious topics about the goings on in Vietnam. One reader that I respect the opinion of has asked that I delete or at least severely edit some of my posts about some of the not so pleasant things that go on here. In particular, the story of the offer of the young girl to me in the country side. It is the reader’s opinion that there may be pedophiles out there that might find my blog and become interested in Vietnam as a destination because of my writing. I have another who has emailed me in the past couple of days commenting that my stories are

a hidden gate

 relevant and worth reading…… good and bad. What do you think? Should I not write about issues such as exploitation, abuse, and some of the seedier aspects of life here? Am I fueling the fire for predators to come here? Or…. Are my writings things that should be known? Darktree…. I would appreciate your opinion on this one. Am I going too far in telling the way it really is, or should I just keep these issues to myself? When I stand at the computer and hammer ut a story, I spend very little time thinking about the ramifications unless it involves the government….. Then I think twice. Please give my your input…. If I have crossed any lines in the majority’s opinion, I will edit or delete the posts in question.

Now on to some more light hearted issue. I received an email from the writer of another popular blog in Vietnam. ( ). He has given me one of the biggest chuckles I have had for a while. He posted about

 my bad spelling and terrible sentence structure, but also gave me a nice plug at

Dressed to kill

 the same time. I would hazard the guess that he is an English teacher in Saigon. What he posted in his blog is absolutely correct. When I write my blogs I just go and go without a care for my English. When I started this blog, it was for my family and friends only and I decided whatever came out of my thoughts would go directly onto the blog. I must admit that as I get older there are things that seem to suffer and one of them is my spelling. Ben (Viet720) is absolutely correct! I do not read or correct mistakes when I write. I am so happily busy in my life that I just hammer out my thoughts and click publish. I have an auto spell checker that automatically corrects my spelling, but I have noticed in the past that it will insert totally different words, ah…. So much for technology. Ben also commented on my paragraph or sentence structure…. I cannot recall at the moment, but what a hoot!! I think I am going to like this fellow blogger. Shoots from the hip. When I write, I pay no attention to grammar or the proper rules of English. If I stretched my memory enough, I could probably remember the rules. I write exactly what

I have no idea what kind of fruit

 is on my mind, and I do not go back to edit it, moreover, I am so busy, I mostly do not even read what I have written…… just post!!

If you want excellent and detailed information on Vietnam, and especially the Saigon area, please visit Ben’s site ( link above) and please give me a break if his English is too good….. hehehe.

I will be going to Saigon in a few weeks and am looking forward to meeting him.

Well…. I was going to write about a little known place for tourists to have a good time here, but seem to have become side tracked. I guess will have to write on it tomorrow. I have a few words left before my self imposed limit so let me say this. You people are wonderful!! I have received some glowing reviews on the hotel and have made some very good friends through this blog. Perhaps I have said this before, but my faith in human nature is restored. My job in Canada ha totally destroyed it, but now my new life has totally restore it. It is truly a pleasure to meet and socialize with the people who show up at my doorstep. I am deeply humbled that some of you have seeked me out because of this blog, just to spend a day or even a few hours to chat. You are a part of what makes me happy and……… part of the adventure. Here are the missing pics from the trip to the old city yesterday…… well…….. here they are.

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20 thoughts on “My English is bad…

  1. i was on tripadvisor and found your blog quite by accident,have spent the whole of today catching up on your topics,,keep it coming and say it has it is

  2. Tell it like it is. If you sugar-coat everything, when people come to visit they’ll know and won’t be in for a rude surprise(s).

  3. This is why you get so many people reading your Blogs Owen , you tell it like it is.
    We all hope you continue writing about your life in Vietnam , the good and the bad.
    Keep up the good work.
    One more thing , just remember WE are all Jealous of you. 🙂

  4. accidently hit submit I guess – as I was saying, I don’t think it alerts the pedos, I think bringing the subject up mankes everyone aware of the issues there. Keep up the good work!

  5. I am a regular reader – sometimes commentor. No need for good spelling or grammar, we still know what you are saying and the meaning. On the censorship issue, I agree on what Dave said, continue to tell things as they are. I don’t think

  6. I did send a comment about the censorship issue but it says “my comment is awaiting moderation.” So you need to moderate it I guess, or figure out why the site didn’t just accept it? I’m not sure…

  7. I am not worried about the grammer police, as a matter of fact, Viet720 seems like a nice guy and I am looking forward to meeting him…. I want input about whether or not I should sensor my writing.

  8. Today’s ride was a real goodie. Beautiful ride out through rice paddies and surrounding swaths of jungle up to the Temple Owen had been to the other day with Giang and Bill. We sat refreshing ourselves with cold water and being charmed by one of the locals. Couldn’t help congratulating ourselves on what an interesting life we both now have.

    Then off to the Old City once more for cold Saigon Specials at our favorite beer place. I even had something to eat and it was actually good! Truly a good day and ride with only two mishaps, Owens front fender was rubbing the tire and sounding just like a vuvuzela. Got fixed at the Temple by a very obliging local man in no time while we sat on our butts and smiled a lot. Just getting back into Nha Trang proper (during ‘rush hour’) I clipped the back end of a motorbike but managed to stay fairly harm, no foul.
    Tomorrow we’ll probably meet at Ooot’s for the requisite smoothie and plan our ride. Oh boy..

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