A final goodbye

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Tomorrow if everything goes well, we will head back into the mountains towards Vancouver. The plan is to overnight in a small town located in the Rocky Mountains and then continue on the second day through Vancouver to the ferry terminal. We will board a large ferry and the car and contents will be transported across the strait to Victoria where we will spend a week or so. Ahhhh…. The contents you ask? The last time I was in Edmonton we tried to load a grandfather clock into my fathers SUV. There was a lot of luggage ant there was no way we could squeeze it in. Well today we were successful and the clock will be tagging along with us for the 1200 Km journey.

When we arrived here the plan was to stay with my sister for the entire time

Light Rail Transit

 but unfortunately, there was no high speed internet and it is extremely important I am in contact with the hotel, so we ended staying with our friend Brad. Today I decided to pick up a BBQ chicken, a potato salad, and a bean salad for dinner. I left it on the counter and went out. When I arrived back later, Brad had picked up a Chicken, salad, and a potato salad on the way home. Huh!! I guess great minds think alike. Mai and I saw most of the people we wanted to see. There are a few those that we did not have time to visit, but some of them are kept in our memories through this blog and other computerized ways.

The River Queen

I can see a bit of a change in Mai. She does not seem to be disappointed in leaving Edmonton. I am hoping she is coming to the realization that our new life is working out just fine. I will not be looking back. My life is no longer in Edmonton. I had made arrangements to extend my leave of absence in cast things did not work out in Vietnam with the small chance that I would return to my job and Edmonton. Unfortunately, my Employer has decided not to extend my leave as was arranged beforehand. I guess people retire or move on and others take their places. Others that may not have the employee’s best wishes in mind. That is fine, but it forced my hand and I was given the option of returning to work last Monday or resign. Some

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 of my co-workers have been trying to get me to file grievances and the like. They say I have been Kadatzed!!;) But if I am forced to return to Canada, I do not want to burn bridges. I may need my good record as a reference if I am forced to start over in Victoria…. It is really too bad that my insurance policy has been quashed, but life is an adventure. By forcing my hand to resign, there is now nothing left for me here. There is family and friends, but they will now be people to holiday with. Edmonton is no longer my home. My new home will now be NhaTrang or Victoria. For now it is NhaTrang, but we will see if it swings to Victoria in the coming years.  Now I feel I can not leave here fast enough. The construction, traffic congestion,

West Edmonton Mall indoor Roller Coaster

and the blithering idiot who designed the traffic light timing have me constantly frustrated. Do not get me wrong!! Edmonton is a nice place to visit and as a tourist you will find a lot to do and see. 

Tomorrow morning we have doctor’s appointments for a check up. This is the first time that I am asking my doctor to put on that rubber glove and get me to bend over. I never thought there would be the day, however, if you would have asked me if I would be living in Vietnam with all of my life long possessions disposed of…… I would have sourly looked at you askance and asked if you were totally off your rocker. If everything checks out OK with Mai and I, we will say goodbye to Edmonton as our home forever….. Do I feel sad about this? Not really… there is an echo of past thoughts about

WEM submarines

 growing here as a child and the happiness and pain associated with any lifetime. These are things that will always be part of me, so I guess Edmonton will be a pert of that, but I feel truly that home is where the heart is, and my heart is just not here anymore. 

If I am on the road tomorrow, there may be a chance that I might miss a day or two….. stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “A final goodbye

  1. Welcome Michelle…. and Anonymous… Thanks for the comments…. Drifter!!! C’mon.. Join me here… I dare you!!

  2. The adventure continues…..I just wrote “I hope to join you in Nha Trang in the future” but I’ll rephrase that and say I will join you in Nha Trang in the future, sometime, someway. There’s a great life to be had in Virt Nam and I’m going to live it also.

  3. We have always moved often being in the military, so home is wherever we put our feet down. I think that as long as you are happy wherever that may be, nothing else really mattered. We are now have spent more time living away from our home country than living in it. Life is more interesting to be able to see different parts of the world.

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