White water rafting in NhaTrang

Pumping up the Kayaks

The four J’s from Australia had finished visiting Vin-Pearl land and the water park. They were sitting in the lobby mulling over what to do. There were the mud baths, snorkeling, island tours, and then I said “what about a little white water rafting”? That was the ticket!! They agreed that that was what they wanted to do, and I decided to accompany them on the adventure so in the future, I can talk from experience about the trip. The tour is run in part by a friend of mine and a simple phone call was all it took to set it up.

The minivan arrived at 9:00 am to drive us the one hour into the country. The van turned down a small dirt road where we were blocked by some men working on the power lines. They moved aside and we slowly rolled up to our

A beautiful river

 parking spot. To my surprise, from the van was unloaded inflatable Kayaks. Cool!! I thought we were all going to be in 1 big raft. We relaxed and chatted while the craft were inflated. For some unknown reason, the power utility guys took pleasure in using the foot pump, so our guide was happy to oblige them, less work for him after all. I walked down a path past a tree buzzing with big Asian bees and was greeted by a beautiful sight. The river wound its way through sand rock and jungle. I snapped a photo and rejoined the group. The Kayaks were carried down to the river and we were

The 4 J's and me

off. The guide, and the 4 J’s were all in heavier boats that carried two, but I was in a smaller Kayak all by myself. All of us started off a bit wildly, but soon got used to the rhythm of paddling. Down the river we went soaking up the beauty and the sunshine. We negotiated a few not to rough rapids and had to avoid some rocks, stands of bamboo. I was half expecting that we would have to avoid water buffalos, but not today. About an hour or an hour and a half we stopped to enjoy some swimming. Everybody was having fun. We climbed a hill to an orchard that had Pomello, banana, bell fruit, mango, jackfruit, and durian. We enjoyed the fruit picked fresh from the trees. Back on the rafts

Down the river

 and we travel a little longer to a small beach area where we docked for lunch. And what a lunch it was. It started with a dish or rice paper in which we were to wrap lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrot and parsnip, green banana and Mango, mint and BBQ pork. Out also came the ice cold cokes and beers that were free with the trip. Our hunger sated, and cooled by the beer, bread with veggies and Grilled sausage was served. Wow!! We were full already, but it was so good, that all of us continued eating. Now we were very full, and washing it down with another beer or Coke seemed the right thing to do. Oooooohh Nooo!!  The grilled chicken is now being served!! I do not know how, but we managed to put a

mmm mmm good

good dent in the grilled chicken breast, then washing that down also. Burppppppp… A great lunch. The guide urged us all to go swimming to burn off the food and drinks. Ha Ha Ha… we gave each other knowing looks and decided just to continue on the trip. An hour or so we were at our pick up point aver running a couple of more small rapids and enjoying the peace and quiet of the jungle. We even had the pleasure of hearing some o o o o a a a a’s. I thought those sounds were only in the movies. After deflating our Kayaks we mulled around and watched the local farmers working the sugar cane fields. All in all it was a very pleasant day. I would recommend the trip to most people. It is not too strenuous, and it may be the only quiet and peaceful place you will experience in Vietnam.

Bell fruit

Hooray!! Today my sewer was finally fixed, and the impossible is becoming possible once again. I have been encountering a lot or resistance to me ceramic tiling the front sidewalk so the entrance looks clean and I can set up a couple of tables to watch the people pass by, sort of a sidewalk café feel. Until now I have been told no I cannot do it, or the city will fine me, or a number or other reasons. Well today after constant pushing ahead and me saying “I don’t care what they think, I am doing it anyway”, I won. It is going to get done. ( insert sticking out my tongue at everybody here).

time to rnd the trip

The power loss is causing a lot of turmoil here. I understand the necessity for it, but people are up in arms about lost business and thawing goods. Hopefully there will be some good rains inland ant the power generation will be back to normal soon

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