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Yesterday it was Woman’s day. The city was filled with romance, flowers, and of course all the women dressed up as beautifully as they could. It is a good thing I went home early otherwise my eyes might have dropped clear out of my head. I am beginning to think that there is a holiday every few weeks here just for the heck of it.

I have the tune of mission impossible ringing in my ears. A large truck with a blue license plate was parked in front of my place. Four people with the self importance of not needing to show id have checked in for the night. There was 4 sheets of paper with multiple red stamps in place of the id. How can I register these guests with the police??? WAIT!! I found out that the papers state that they

In the Mekong

 are an anti-corruption task force. Huh?? Not checking on me I hope. I am happy that the government here is serious about stamping out corruption. Many of the people I deal with here still have the old mind set and believe that all the things I am doing should cease as I will be forced to pay bribes and fees. Well guess what……. No problems so far. As a matter of fact, I had to eat a little crow the last few days. I cannot remember if I discussed the following already, so forgive me if I drone on. My staff was told by a policeman that every foreign customer will have to sign a paper when checking in to the hotel. What?? I have never hear do this and I got angry. I instructed my staff to tell the cops to get lost….. but in courser language. I had never heard of this before and was not going to bow to the whims of these bureaucratic peons. Well….. as it turns out, the signing of these forms has been in effect for about a year now and the police have been very good to me by letting it slide. The only reason they are asking now is because they have a new police chief and do not want to be caught slacking off. I really wish that people would tell me the reasons for things. I usually only get the end result and have no idea of the reasons why.

Still in the Mekong

Another development…… The day before yesterday we had a fellow apply for the job as the night receptionist. His English was Ok and he had a bit of experience in the hotel business. After the interview, we hired him and he was excited to start work yesterday, He showed up at 5 pm and sat down to learn the basics, but then began to get in some kind of discussion with the receptionist that was training him. Hmmm. I asked Mai to get involved in the conversation, and she also seemed to become a bit defensive when talking to him. Hang on a moment!! I have been an employer for many years and can see what is going on here. He is trying to make demands and influence the ladies. I pulled up a chair as it seemed it was time for me to interject and told him that I am sorry but I think that we cannot use him at this time. He was shocked. He honestly thought he was in a position to barter hard with my wife and receptionist about commissions, hours and holidays. I am paying an above average salary with time off and bonuses. His approach to trying to negotiate his job failed. He did become very apologetic and almost came to tears pleading with me that he could do a good job for me, however, I saw the animal and it is not what I need for this place. I will surround myself with caring and trust worthy people, and they will benefit from their loyalty. Sooooooo  need a job? 1.7 million a month???/ sounds tempting doesn’t it???  Hey Ray, send your resume!

Chau Doc

I have just come to realize that I have spoken very little on the things there are to do here. Nha Trang is a city full of fun and adventure. There is overland treks, sea adventures, dining pleasures and nightlife that probably outdoes what you can get at home. I think I will start to address some of the activities you can do here starting now.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is something that is offered everywhere here in Nha Trang. There are dive shops everywhere. I have found a great company to book tours with. They are brand new and have all new equipment. Your trip will take you for a day around some of the islands where there is still some coral reef. You will be taken to the best diving that is available, served a great lunch and have a great time. Unfortunately, when the Americans were here, they were a bunch of young lads having fun and showed the local fisherman that a concussion grenade could catch them more fish in minutes than they could do in hours. Well…. The ever adaptive Vietnamese took it to heart and the coral reefs and fish population suffered for it. You will see a lot of lion fish, colorful sea cucumbers, shrimps and crabs. But schools of swarming fish???? Sorry, All fish over 4 inches here end up in a pot for dinner. The dive is still nice though, so enjoy the warm water and the great hospitality.

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5 thoughts on “Help Wanted…. Apply within

  1. Hey Owen,

    My resume is in the mail. 1.7 million dollars would take me a lifetime to make here!

    This invitation is forcing me to retire! Seriously though I will retiring at the end of April and hope to start travelling soon. If it works out, Vietnam will definitely be on our list. Will be in contact for travel tips and advice.

    Probably into November, December or January. My wife is working on booking a 35 day cruise from Bangkok to Australia. Maybe we can fit it in before.

    1. It would be good to see you…… and sorry, I think I filled the job today. Try for January for the best weather in Asia…. Nov can be a bad one.

      Good idea….. Health care tomorrow I think

  2. Sleep in the lobby… cook your own breakfast. I am sure that old dogs can sometimes learn new tricks…… but sorry…. that passable English thing??????? Talking about a Great Barrier!!

  3. Is the room included with the pay? I speak passable English, don’t know much about the hotel business but have stayed in many and know what makes a bad one. Do you have an on line application??

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