Hot winter in the city

It is hot in Saigon. Perspiration pours from the forehead and after an hour or so, a persons shirt is as if jumping into a swimming pool. I like it though. The high temperatures here are easy to deal with. It is unlike the skin burning heat of home. Here it is more like walking into a relaxing sauna and soaking in the heat. I do not know how to describe in words how the heat is different here than at home. Suffice it to say that 30 at home is a hot hell whereas 30 here is just a warm sunny day. I do not know why and there are a lot of people much smarter than me that can probably give you the answers.

It was my last day in Saigon and Ken and I went to visit some friends in a district far away from the tourist area. We spent a lot of time trying to find an address on our own, however, it was extremely difficult and even the locals had trouble telling which way we should go. We spent an hour or so wandering but finally had a local call and have somebody meet us in the street. It all worked out in the end, but because of our delay, we were a bit late to start our supper. The restaurant we chose to go had a very wide selection of food. Having never tried before, we elected to have some kangaroo with chili sauce. Other dishes on the menu were a steamed fish and a savory bowl of bone marrow and pig heart soup. Mmmm  mmmm…. Don’t you wish you could be sharing with us right now???

In a couple of hours I will catch a local bus and make my way to the airport. It will be nice to go back to NhaTrang and enjoy the cooler temperatures. I only hope the motorcycle storage facility that I left my bike at will release it without the claim tag or papers. I saw a delivery truck trying to back up a loading dock. The mess of wires in the street is such that he snagged onto them and ripped many from where ever they were attached. I cannot imagine what services were disrupted.

Anyways, I have to cut this short as I have limited time. If I have some more later, I will continue

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6 thoughts on “Hot winter in the city

  1. Yes now I remember, it’s been awhile and I’m having more senior moments than I wish to admit. That’s why I need the warm weather and tropical applications of local beverages , just for medicinal benefits mind you, to help my present forgetful state. He has a small gift shop I belive.

    1. He did…. Gone now. He is a good guy, you will meet him sometime. He plans to retire here very soon. He say hi to both you and Maz.

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t know Goldpond but do remember seeing his posts in the forum. Please remember to answer my email I sent to your hotel email. I have motive for that answer. Also I find that the whole “face” issue comes into play when asking directions. Vietnamese never want to fess up to not knowing anything and always answer “I know, I know” or give you completely useless directions just to have an answer….very frustrating so I usually don’t ask locals unless “I know them”.

    1. Hmm… He said he has talked to you through email.. and I thought I had responded to you. I will look now. And yes Maz… I will say hi for you

  3. Hey Drifter!!! A small world! I am sitting here right now drinking coffee with a good friend. Maybe you know Goldpond?

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