Fishing with ducks

I arrived in NhaTrang at 7:00 am., waking up 20 minutes before arriving in NhaTrang. It was a nice break from the confusion and rush of getting the hotel in order. I met with the manager of a large hotel to pass on some vitamins that Ken had brought from the Us. His name is Tan, a nice fellow. I was treated to a nice buffet breakfast before heading to the hotel to pick up li’l Sissy. Back to the confusion!!

I arrive to find my cleaning lady scraping the new paint off the stairs in order to get rid of paint splatters. She has scraped it down to the old paint. I then am doing room checks to see that everything is in order when I discover to my horror that all of the wiring and controls for my new neon sign are located on the floor in the middle of the 1st floor balcony. One child or rainstorm will destroy all of my efforts… Then my night receptionist comes to work after too many beers, and when I go to work on my computer, I discover that the browsing history is full of pornography sites, a great thing for a government inspector to see…… My handyman storms out in a rage about something, and more unseen expenses have surprised me….and later in the evening, an official of some sort cruised up on his bike to ask why we had no flag displayed yet…. Egad!!!! Will it ever stop??

 The boat driver turned out to be quite the adept and concentrated on the heavy waves. Somehow he was able to read the timing and the severity, riding some almost surf board like, and others crashing into head on. I was not able to get any photo’s as I was too busy trying to unclench my but from the bamboo seats. The water calmed and we merrily chugged our way. There is a tourist facility called Unicorn Island that I have been to before. It is a delightful place visited by many tourists, but another less touristy venue was on Hau’s mind. The boat veered its way down a narrow rivulet or channel for a ways and docked at a little used concrete stair. We climbed and proceeded to a coconut candy factory located close by. Here we learned

Making coconut candy

of how a coconut was processed from its raw state into a delicious treat. Nothing is wasted. The husks are used for fire and for all sorts of goods. And of course the pulp is turned into candies and other tasty items. It is a small world…. At this not to visited site, I ran into another tour operator who I just

Our transportation

happened to meet a day earlier in my hotel…. Huh….We then walked a short distance through the jungle and came to a road where a man with a cart and pony were waiting for us. Up into the cart we went for a long ride up island. I felt sorry for the poor pony having to haul my fat carcass in the hot sun. I truly

Banana tree

 hope those animals are well cared for….. they look pretty exhausted to me. Anyway….. As we trotted along, I beheld one of the most unusual sights of my life. There were two young men with fishing poles at a small ditch. The poles were a long bamboo with a line tied to the end. At the other end being


used for bait was a duck!! I am not kidding. I guess that the duckling swims around and threatens  The baby mud fish. In it’s baybies defense, the adult mudfish will nip at the ducks feet in order to scare it off. The duck will have a hook dangling undernieth to snare the fish. How ingenious!! And cute too.

Home made wiskey

  We were dropped off at a location in the middle of nowhere and proceeded to journey through beautiful narrow paths in the jungle. After walking for a while, Hau thought we might be getting lost so he asked a local for directions. No problem! We were on the right track. On our trek, a large insect of

Duck bait at the end of the line

some sort was buzzing around the back of Hau’s head. I thought it was a bee, but when it landed, I was slack jawed to see the mesmerizing beauty of one of the most colorful beetles I have seen in my life. I did not know beetles could be pretty to look at. At last at our destination, we encountered a

Catch of the day?

 monkey bridge. We crossed and arrived at our destination. The resort is called the An Khanh Vuon Dau….They offer a homestay which is a very interesting way to enjoy Vietnam If you are interested in a jungle stay, you can email Mr Vo Thanh Dung at . There was to be three of us for lunch but Ken was not attending, therefore, Hau invited a local to dine with us. He was a very thin man that seemed to have no interest in food, so we called the driver to make his way to us and have lunch and a drink. It took him a while and many phone calls from being lost but he finally made it. I feel saddened that Ken is not here with us. It is a beautiful spot and the company is good. It got to be around 2 pm and it was time to head back as I had a night bus to catch to come back to NhaTrang. Traffic was light at that time of day and we headed back via the old highway. ( For those of you that were with me last year) I asked if we could drive by some cafes that I thought might lead to some interesting photo opportunities. They feature road side hammocks where a person can nap in the afternoon. For us it was about coffee time, but for many others it was sleep time. Even though there were many shops, we elected to find one that had people awake. We did eventually find a place and we were dropped by the driver. Hau and I walked a hundred yards or so to a place that had a couple of pretty waitresses swinging in a hammock out front.

Well….. there is that word count thing again…..

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