I love this Town… or is it City

P1040871 (WinCE)We headed out after breakfast looking for some kind of action in this town. We walked along the beach after it stopped raining. There is a large hotel down a ways from us that hosts many of the westerners that come here. There is English service at the tour desk. We asked where to rent motorcycles, and were told there were no places. beachHmmmm. Every where in NhaTrang, bikes and motorcycles are available. The girls in the office after a few minutes of discussion agreed we could rent theirs for the day. We felt a little guilty to do this. What if something was to happen? We declined and went our merry way. As we walked back to our area, we encountered a fellow from California that was doing a full country tour. We talked for a bit and then headed backsign to the hotel stopping at a street restaurant for lunch on the way. The food was excellent.

The walk took us past a high school and a university. I was amazed at the amount of English spoken by the youth. Many young people we passed spoke in English and not just hellos and what’s your name. They lunchwere all curious and friendly. The general population however, has no Idea how to speak English, and they have some kind of accent that makes it hard for me to understand. The weather cleared up and towards evening it was beautiful. Quy Nhon has an extensive park system that runs along the beach. It is well kept and not crowded. The beach is a little different here. It has a steeper bank and is yellow colored sand. It isnight still beautiful though.

All of the days events were tranquil, exactly what I was looking for. After the morning walk, I decided to try a massage for the first time in my life. 1 hour massages are offered at the hotel I am staying at. 15 minutes of the service was a steam bath, the other 45 was an actual massage. It night1was OK I guess. I think it would have been better if she had stronger hands. Maybe a male masseuse is the way to go, but I cannot entertain that thought for long for some reason, I at least can boast that I had a small Asian woman walk on my back just like in the movies. At suppertime we went back to the 4 star hotel to have a quality meal. We decided to try something different so one of he dishes ordered was pork withfountail potatoes Russian style. Imagine my dismay when we saw the Russian style potatoes were French fries. After dinner we just were walking around enjoying the night and the few romantic youngsters that were cooing under the misty sky when the unthinkable happened!!! We stopped for a beer in a Karaoke bar. Thankfully it was not too crowded and it served my favorite brew.

 karaoke bars

A bit for the tourist:

Quy Nhon is a beautiful city with fantastic deserted beaches and friendly people everywhere. The city is much more quiet than NhaTrang and has a tranquil atmosphere, however, they have not figured out how to entertain the tourist. This is very good if you are looking for a place to escape and findbar solitude, but if you are a partier or a night life person beware….  Unless Karaoke is your thing, it is very difficult to find entertainment here, and you may have to taxi around to find anything. I will be returning here in a couple of weeks with my family. I am sure the Karaoke is going to whip them into a frenzy…….lucky for me…..


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