Oooooohhh my Head!!

I am sorry, but today will have to be short on content. I have only 15 minutes to write and post.

TeacherYesterday I hired a motorcycle taxi driver to give me an education on street life, restaurants, bars,  and do’s and don’ts for the tourist. What an education it was. It is information that I thought nessessary in order to protect my guests and give good advice to those who ask. I will not go into detail of the adventure, and an adventure it was…..   But I will use the information as I post on other days.squid

I also had a friend arrive from Canada. He showed up at our door, and after a nap, it was off to the races. We toured around the city a bit, Went out for a few cold drinks, And then a lot more. I have my first hangover since coming here. 16 bottles worth I think. The beer is good here!! Some of the brands are: Saigon white, red, and special. Others are Tiger, Larue, San Miguel, 333, Huda, and Hanoi. There are others I am sure, mut the memory is a litle fuzzy at the moment. Saigon special is my personal favorite…

Some of you have commented on my spelling or grammer….. even my own MOTHER!!..  Hey, I do not mind. I am not trying to win a Pulitzer prize. Just entertain and

Lastly for today. The renovations are in full gear on the hotel and it is looking good. I am pleased to report that it should be up to acceptable standards by the end of January, so, come stay with me!! 

I am in the real Vietnam….

Maybe tomorrow I will have more time

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5 thoughts on “Oooooohhh my Head!!

  1. I’ve stayed in Nha Trang afew times and have run the gammot of hotels, Yasaka, Phu Quy 2, but my last place was Duong Thai or vice versa at 12$usd per night right on Tran Phu. Was awesome for the price, no breakfast but smack in the middle of everything.

    1. Sadly… do not be surprised if the low cost beech fronts are gone. Construction of super hotels is everywhere on Tran Phu. I am also on Tran Phu, but in a different heart of the action.

  2. Your grammar has been fine for the most part, a conversational tone to say the least. However, well, ok, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. There have been a few misspelled words but I’m sure most of them were typos. I seem to remember that it’s much harder to type on a notebook. I’m giving you an “out” here, use it. Later dude. Say hi to Brad.

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