Sights on a morning jog.

Coffee shopAs usual, not enough time to write a long post or get into some of the detailed information about Vietnam that I would like to share however, here is a short narrative of things I see on my morning jog. The shot to the left is where I am sitting right now. This is a typical indoor/outdoor cafes which are everywhere.street

After enjoying a strong coffee with the locals( see earlier posts) I am off for a jgo. The air is crisp as it has just finished a refreshing early rain. It is 6:30 am. My run takes me from the newly developed subdivision in which I currently reside, through some streets that are very typical of how Nhatrang was when I visited 11 street1years ago. The locals are now getting used to seeing this new foreigner in their neighborhood, and are gesticulating merrily as I pass. I can hear the women calling out how handsome ( blush blush) and men giving me the thumbs up as I belly bounce by. Some of the structures that I pass look like they are hardly habitable, but you would be amazed at the size of families that live in these places. The narrow dirt street emptiestemple on to a recently built road that follows the coast line. As I follow the shore, I spot a crippled man prying clams from between rocks for his food. There are many here that are too proud to beg, and actually live off the land. It is an hard life, but they have no problem finding an abundance of food. He spots me taking his picture, and starts to Legsmile and wave. I return the gesture and continue on my way. Not too much further, there are a young couple collecting small crabs from the underside of large rocks. Again I get a wave and in this cast, a dazzling smile….. I carry on. The road bends and follows a yellow sand beach. this beech is in front of my future venture. For those of you in the know…. you might be able to pick out my place. 🙂 Some of the sight I seecouple are; schoolkids being classed on the sidewalks next to the beach, Fisherman paddling into shore with their early morning catches, Locals doing Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and even hopeless romantics walking the shores hand in hand. I complete the circle soaked in perspiration as the temperature is now a nice 27…..  and off for breakfast. It is now 10:00 am and a light but soaking rain has just started. The air has instantly cooledfishergals to around 26 and it feels good!! It has rained very little here, but so far from what I have experienced, it is a perfectly acceptable part of a day. Not like at home where is is cold, gloomy, and miserable.

Have a good day all…. I KNOW I willbeachfront

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