A great sandwich!

P1040091 [320x200]Last year while travelling with friends in Hanoi, I came across a small Kiosk with a man selling a sandwich called a Doner Kebab. We agreed at the time that it must be some kind of mis-spelling and that in fact it was supposed to be a Donair. I have been dreaming about having another for a year and as luck would have it., I found one in Saigon. I t turns out that the name is correct. And it has to be the best sandwich a person could ever have. The meat is a slow roasted pork on a spit similar to a donair grill. The meat is carved and put into some kind of bread I am not familliar withP1040092 [320x200]. Onions, coleslaw, tomatoes, a splash of hot sauce and something similar to donair sauce and….. wow!!!!   one of the best tasting sandwiches I have ever had. If you are in the mood for fast food and just happen to see one of these kiosks…. try it!! you will not regret it.


P1040094 [320x200]

Staying on the food front. Many of the upper scale restaurants staff themselves with a high number of young women in short dresses to attract customers off the street. Also, these girls are paid very little so the pay almost exclusive attention to your every need during dinner hoping to get tips.P1040097 [320x200] Your glass will never be empty, she will fill your plate, serve your every need, and amazingly, the food is good, however, a bit pricey. P1040100 [320x200]I did notice that there were not too many women eating there. Maybe the cute little wiggles turnes them off? Funny, I think it made me hungrier….. imagine that 🙂


In the near future, I will talk more about food and the culture surrounding it. But for now…….  Get a Doner Kebab if you can find one.

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