Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival

is an easy and cost effective way to enter Vietnam. The process is simple and usually clearing customs is quick with little delay. A person also has the option in obtaining a visa from the Vietnam embassy in your home country if you prefer, however, the cost is usually much higher. The visa on arrival issued, is the same as one that would be issued in your home country. For your convenience, I have provided a link on this page to a reliable service. You can also simply do an internet search to find other companies that offer Visa on Arrival services.
The Visa on arrival process starts with you filling out a secure on line application. You will need to provide your personal information and the type of Visa you require. You can find Visa types and prices here. Once the application is completed, you will be asked for your online payment. This payment is only for payment of visa arrangement services. There will be a second fee on arrival at the airport. The visa on arrival desk does not accept credit, debit, or cash cards. Be sure to have the required amount for stamping fees in cash!! Usually you will receive an email with your approval letter in a day or so. Insure that all information including date of entry and exit are correct. It is normal to see other names besides your own as the letters are sent in bulk mailings. Print the letter and DO NOT FORGET IT when you leave for your holidays. You will also need an N1 form you can print here and a photo. You can get these forms at the airport, however, no need to wait in lines if you already have one completed.
There is an additional service that is mostly misunderstood and often causes anger and confusion with travelers. The service is known as Fast Track. This gives you priority visa on arrival services. Normally the fast track service is not necessary unless you have connecting flights or other reasons to be in a hurry. Tour companies that have arriving guests almost always use the fast track service. If you find that you are delayed by people jumping the queue, it is just a spot of bad luck as the incoming flights are full of people that have purchased the fast track service.
When you arrive at the airport, do not follow people directly to immigration. The visa on arrival booths are separate and should be easy to spot. Submit your passport, approval letter, N1 form with photo, and passport and wait for your name to be called. The process usually takes about 15 minutes. You will be called to pay your stamping fee. Be sure the information on your visa is correct before heading to immigration.

That’s it! You are in Vietnam.

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