Capital Punishment in Vietnam

capital-punshmentCapital punishment is a very controversial subject depending where you are in the word. In most western cultures, capital punishment has been deemed non humane and life imprisonment with chance of rehabilitation the preference. I always had my doubts about the issue. Sometimes I would see a monster that I felt should be put to the chair get off lightly, and other times not even think about some who should be imprisoned. After living in Vietnam for a period, I am starting to notice a pattern that I had never considered before. In the west we hear media fueled echoes of firing squads and unfair death sentences and will not extradite to countries that have such practices, and perhaps rightly so if you are against the practice for any reason. I am beginning to wonder however, if our justice system is broken and not recognizing the most heinous of crimes. drugtraffickers_-_copy_rskp

Every country has issues with damaged human beings that commit murder, rape, abuse, and other crimes. Rounding up and jailing these people are consistent with most countries….. That is a given. Just like in the west, these criminals are rounded up and punished by going to prison. In some cases if released, they are required to continue to pay by financially supporting their victims. So this system and others are not so different. Not all murderers are executed, as a matter of fact, very few are unless the crime extremely despicable. So who gets the death penalty we hear about in Vietnam? Not the individual that preys on an individual, but those that harm society. Whaa?????

police-1473665658-8407-1473665811_660x396Over the past number of years, I have seen newscasts on Vietnamese news about people that would receive the death penalty. Often it would be heroin distributors or human traffickers, however in the past couple of years, there have been politicians, police, and most surprising, bankers. I have come to the realization that the Death penalty seems to mostly apply to those in a position of trust who harm society or premeditated crimes against society. Corrupt politicians and police can lose their careers, however, if their corruption in some way hurt the public good……. Bye Bye. The latest was 4 Bankers that  embezzled the public money over a period of years. 3 of the 4 Bank executives were given the death penalty. Wow!! I still am not sure of my stance on the death penalty, however, I am pretty sure I would have not shed any tears for those knowingly responsible for the mortgage debacle and the 2008 financial crisis. Most of them are scott free and continuing to make millions.

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