Tan Vien Thong Smartphone

Tan Vien Thong Smartphone = no customer satisfaction
Tan Vien Thong Smartphone = no customer satisfaction

Today Mai and I returned to Tan Vien Thong Smartphone in Nha Trang where we purchased a phone 2 days ago. It was sold to us by a nice young lady who said it was a very good phone, however, after 2 days of trying to make and receive calls, it just proves too complicated for Mai. No problem we thought…… We will just return the phone for another and perhaps upgrade to a better phone. Instead of offering customer service, we were told that they would buy it back for half price and we could buy another. Whaa????? What kind of bullsh*t is this? I can understand if we used it for a couple of weeks or if it was damaged in some way, but it was still new in the box. I have purchased 3 phones and a Tablet computer from these people but I will never give another penny to this company. Buyer beware!! I suggest shopping somewhere else.

This is not an isolated case. Many business in Vietnam are all about the business and not about satisfying a customer. Sometimes a store will run out of inventory on a product you wish to purchase. It does not matter what the consumer wants…. I have asked to have some things ordered back to stock and have been told that they would receive it when the supplier decided to send it. Huh? I have asked that it be ordered and I will pay in advance….. Sorry, no.. When the product finally comes in after 6 – 8 months, it sells out in a day as so many have been waiting. Sometimes a person has to wonder if they understand the basic principal of supply and demand.

It is not a wonder why many foreign business people I have spoken with have been very critical about partnering with local industry. With common practices such as I have mentioned, how could a corporation assure customer satisfaction. Just another reason why Vietnam has a long way to catch up to the rest of the world. Rant finished……… After all that, I still like living here 😉


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5 thoughts on “Tan Vien Thong Smartphone

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I just got stolen in Cambodia and I’m searching for a phone in VN! Gonna pay attention for the non return policy they have in the store!! I would go crazy if something like that happens to me!!

  2. This is how business operate in VN, they have signs everywhere that says “no return”, and if they don’t, one would assume that’s how they work. It’s a culture thing, I would not blame the store for this, none of the shop in VN works like the US or Canada. You make sure you really want the item before you get it, because 99.9% it’s no return. I’m Vietnamese, I know how it works over there.

    1. Yes…. a shame. Their lack of understanding about customer service is part of what keeps them behind the rest of the world. It is all about them, not about us. They have no concept that they have lost a customer who spends significant money in their store. I will now buy somewhere else until they also alienate me.

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