For the first time in 3 years

Waiting fot the x-ray

For the first time in 3 years, Mai and I have a chance for a little time together. The last of the customers has checked out and Mai woke up this morning singing like it was the best day ever. I was giddy with delight to see the love of my life chirping like a bird, and with a light heart, I went to the house to check on the final details. I don’t think I mentioned in the last post that the plumbers hat yet again screwed up and after tearing down a bathroom wall and rebuilding it ceramic tile and all, the thought is would be fine to have the shower off angle and simply twist the head to get under the water…. I ranted…… I raved…. The plumbers told the foreman that they were afraid of me…….. No Matter!! Today they have again torn down the wall and with me looming over them, browbeating them all the way, it looks like the job was being done correctly……. But wait!! The bathroom vanities on the lower 2 levels cannot be installed because the sink drains were installed too high….. EGAD!! I left at around lunchtime to hammering as now all 3 bathrooms were having walls torn down…. Aack!! I cannot go back until tomorrow when we are slated to move the contents of this hotel into our new place. At least Mai is happy and that alone is keeping me sane. Mai is also a force of nature and has taken control of the whole move banishing me to menial tasks. I know when to steer clear and am 100 percent confident that the job will get done.

For the first time 3 years, Mai and I have booked a flight to Saigon together. We will enjoy a day in Vinh Long and then 2 more in Saigon for business and pleasure. This is also an important trip as like

Lobby of the KV hospital in Nha Trang

me before, Mai will be picking the brain for everything she can, a woman who runs a very successful homestay in the Mekong. My best friend in Vietnam and owner of V’Explore Travel (Nghia) has taken care of all the transfers and hotel bookings….. We are soooooo looking forward to this short trip. The last time we had a dinner out together was Christmas of last year.

For the first time in 3 years we have no reason to wake up early, rush to the market, or anything for that matter…. I woke a bit sad and hollow knowing that there was nothing waiting for me when I came down the stairs, but the singing…. I have missed it so….. Mai is singing!! There is nothing that can spoil this day… even the house renovations, or is there?

Getting all fixed up

For the first time in 3 years, while Mai was singing and organizing the big move, she tripped and fell down some stairs. She did not tell me when I talked with her on the phone. I went about my business as usual trying not to lose my sanity, and perhaps that is why she said nothing. Everything is hard and damaging in Vietnam. I returned home to find my smiling wife sitting in a chair with an ankle the size of an apple…… She told me of the mishap and I iced her down after stuffing an ibuprofen down her throat. I left to continue my assigned menial tasks but when I returned, it had become worse and my darling wife could not even get to her feet. We ended going to the hospital for ex-rays but luckily it is tendon damage and not broken bones. The doctor expects it to be 3 weeks before she can have her cast removed. She is in quite a bit of pain but still in good spirits. Perhaps I will hear her sing tomorrow.

For the first time in 3 years, I am faced with the possibility of having to cancel our first important, but also romantic break in 3 years. Is it fate?

Very modern equipment

Will it be another 3 years? Our homestay will be running by the time she heals. Perhaps I will throw her over my back and enjoy the trip Caveman style. We will see what tomorrow brings. I really do hope to hear the singing. I have missed it so.

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9 thoughts on “For the first time in 3 years

  1. I have just spent the last hour catching up on some of your blogs. Do I worry about you and Mai? Yes. Even though you seem to be able to handle things. Cant wait for your visit. Take care out there.

    1. As of Dec 2nd Trip Advisor became much less relevant to all. Surprisingly, their attempt to muzzle me has resulted in a lot more personal messages

  2. Of course, you can always email me when the RIPTide is up and running otherwise look at the Carpe DM or perhaps the Ha Van as 2 hoteks I reccommend in the tourist area (run by western standards)

    1. Thanks! What is your emailadres?..however I do not know if the Rip-tide is already running in febr 19?…Will try to find websites of hotels your recc. How’s the legg and the trip doing?

  3. Wow congrats with your new life:) Hopefully you do get more time to enjoy and have fun. However the down side of your story is now that we do’nt have an idea where to stay in Nha Trang. Could you recommend us a nice fam hotel in district 1?…otherwise I have to opt for golden sea.
    Thanks and good luck

  4. Oh NO…do not miss your romantic trip!
    Put her in a wheelchair, & away you go….if you have to carry her onto transport sometimes, bite the bullet & do it! You are a big man, & she is a dainty wee thing…no problem!

    She deserves this, Owen!

    Heaps of love to Mai, from New Zealand…take care!

  5. OMG – i can’t believe it! your planned break sounds like it’s on hold- and I feel so disappointed for you both.

    But, on the brighter side, you’ve got the excitement of opening of the new place – if the bathrooms ever get finished to your exacting standards 🙂

    hurry and post photos- looking forward to seeing those bathrooms!

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