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I have become aware over the past few days that my life in Vietnam is a bit of an open book. Huh……. I thought about it a bit and decided that it does not matter much. I have had both positive and negative experiences at people having a glimpse into my life, and the positives highly outweigh the negatives. I have had in the past, a few people that for some reason or another take some kind of exception to what I write. I cannot even imagine why these people would care. One seemed to believe that I was some kind of deceiver trying to lure non suspecting tourists into some kind of Vietnamese hell that is the world I live in. Another was a Vietnamese person who for some reason did not seem to want the promotion of tourism in this country and wrote some pretty hateful comments.
I am an advisor on the Trip Advisor website and try to give accurate information to those who ask. Many of the advisors are tourists and the advice they give even though very helpful, can sometimes be less than accurate, or told from a visitors perspective and not be quite a true picture. I would never consider myself an expert in all things Vietnamese, but I do have the advantage of living as one. The insights I provide on this blog and the Trip Advisor website are my own and I want to stress a very important point………
If you do like what I post or write about, rebut me in comments or openly in the public forums. There are a few of you that I have banned from commenting on my blog because of hateful or demeaning comments about the Vietnamese, or in a couple of cases me……
Let me make something very clear!! This is my blog and what I write is my opinion and experience. If there is content you do not agree with or are offended by, your comment will be posted and be visible for all to see. If you are vulgar or offensive, I will blacklist you. I have to wonder……. Why are you following my blog or advice I give on the web forums if you find what I write disagreeable????
Anyway…… More often than not I will receive emails or private messages from people asking questions about travel to Vietnam and letters of thanks for the help I provide. It is part of what keeps this blog alive. I understand the uncertainty a person can have when travelling to Vietnam. It is a country with a culture and history that is mysterious to most. In my experience before residing here, everything I knew was an imprinted impression of what this country was by our western media sources. Hah!! The truth about this country is very different from one would expect from the information we get from outside sources.
As usual…. I have been rambling on without getting to the point of today’s topic. I started by saying my life is a bit of an open book. In the past week, I have had people come to stay in the hotel specifically because they wanted to meet the man behind the blog. That is all very flattering and I am a bit humbled that people would seek me out. The real surprise came as I was sitting in The Texas BBQ and grill visiting with a friend. An Australian couple was leaving and complimented the owner on the food quality. Wayne (the owner) made some kind of comment which included me and their reply was “Oh we know who you are….. You are Owee58”……… Huh????? I was very surprised. They told me that they read much of this blog and the advice was very helpful on their travels in Vietnam. As far as I knew, they had no idea that I ran a hotel. They recognized me through a picture of me on my motorcycle I had posted in the past. Wow…. Imagine that.
I want to wish a very big thank you for the compliments, and to say it is because of people like you that this blog exists.

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8 thoughts on “A funny thing about blogs

  1. Owee…….If possible send me an e-mail!

    Topics…………Vietnam Air _ It appears they keep changing flight times? What is best to do? Purchase tickets now are do it in Vietnam?

    Train …………. Last trip it was over four hours late from Hanoi to Hue. Here again is it best to purchase in advance are wait? Is this normal?

    Tours………….Looking to visit past military bases around Hue. Unable to find anything. Would like to revisit Camp Eagle and others used by 101st and 82nd.

    Your day sounds like mine. Just remember any day above ground is a good day…

  2. Owee …. have Oct trip to Vietnam planned and found your info helpful. Have open dates and may visit Nha Trang. Did GAP tour in 2010 but doing it alone this time. Have my Visa, made many friends last trip and look forward to making many more this time around. Prior Viet Vet and your counrty has become my mistress…………any additional info will be appreciated……….

  3. Hi Wayne… or is it fred1066? I am keeping a beer cold for you 😉

    Thanks James…. You will be welcome

    Dave…I have Skype, email, and messenger………

  4. Keep up the good work Owen always a good read and often very informative about traveling Vietnam it’s culture and quirks. Writing about your travels around Vietnam also provide valuable information.

  5. Well let me join your “fan club” then. I enjoy your blog as well as your postings on tripadvisor. I had thought I’d make it back to Vietnam (after 41 yrs) last March but didn’t make it. Maybe next yr and I hope to meet you and stay at the Tide.

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