Whats going on in Danang?

China beach

Drifter came to stay with us for the second time. He has spent time in the Danang area and was asked to be a destination expert for the website Trip Advisor. He and I give travel advice on that sight and it was our good fortune to be able to travel together to Danang and Hoi An. Besides having the opportunity to visit friends that live in those towns, it also offered the chance to see and report how the destinations had changed over the past few years. I was to be in Saigon at the time, but I postponed the trip so I could Accompany Drifter. So begins another adventure of discovery…….

We arrived at the airport to have a driver waiting for us. The driver had been

China beach condos

 sent by the Mango Hotel, a newly built hotel only a block off of China beach. All around was the construction of more hotels and other businesses. Drifter and I rented motorcycles and I spent the afternoon driving around the city in the rain and the cold to get a feel for the place. I was surprised by the amount of development that was going on. In the past, Danang was a city with very little to see and do. Very few tourists would visit except to pass through on their way to Hue or Hoi An. Now Danang is posed to become one of the hot spots in Vietnam. Almost the entire length of China beach is now lined by large

Who knows what this one is

resorts or construction projects, as are some of the other main arteries heading into the city. Danang is also sponsoring some large and glittery events such as world fireworks competitions and the like. All of the glitz and glamour suddenly jogged my memory to an old documentary that I had watched about the creation of Las Vegas……. Hmmmmm…… Sure enough! There are casinos in some of these resorts… maybe all, I do not know. At the moment they can only be utilized by foreigners and Visiting overseas Vietnamese.  Many people here have always wondered what all of the construction is all about without the tourists to support it. This may be the answer.. Danang may be poised to become a new Las Vegas of Vietnam. My experience in dealing with the people was pleasant. Nobody tried to overcharge me because I was a foreigner, and they were happy and helpful.

What is that in front of the mountain?

 There is also much more going on in the city now. Overall I was left with a good impression of Danang and how far it has come. It is a bit of a shame about the loss of the many many kilometers that were china beach. The American military base still sits a darkened concrete testament to days past, however, across the road is a giant modern resort. Danang is being transformed into a high energy tourist destination. I will be interested in returning in another year or two to see the result of all the activity.

What an eye sore

Drifter and I met up later for the 30 km bike ride to Hoi An. We decided to travel via the highway that followed the coast line. The entire coastline from Danang down to the marble mountains was endless resorts with no sign of access to the endless sandy coastline of just 3 years ago. We reached the marble mountains and were stunned by another new addition to the natural beauty. Obscuring the mountain view is a giant elevator shaft for people not fit enough to make the climb up the stairs. Oh my goodness!!!! What an eye sore. I talked with a couple of locals that live in the neighborhood and they were very bitter that it was built. I cannot say I blame them.

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  1. Thank you Gill,
    Texan… maybe I will be in your neck of the woods
    Dave.. I have email, Skype, and messnger. I guess you just want all the readers to know your beautiful daughter is 2 years old 😉

    Drifter….. you are spoiling my next post!!

  2. Owee, don’t forget to mention along the way the ever present loud speakers most times giving out the news and weather of the day but here on this busy stretch of beach road the glorious aria from “Madame Butterfly” whisked you pleasantly on your way. Was such a hoot! Must be an opera fan in the community…..had to repost after reading my jetlagged entry.

  3. Ken swung by the Pool Hall after he returned. It was good to see him. He caught me up on things. Anyway, hope all is well with you. Cathy performs in the Barrhead community theator tonight should be a hoot. Went to Kira’s 2 year birthday party. Hope yours was a good one

  4. I have been to Danang twice now. My fiancée and her family live in Danang. It is a nice place to visit, but I am sad to see the elevators in front of the mountain and the beaches disappearing. That is how people, corporations mess up our world. Anyway, I hope to live in Danang some day with my wife and her family. In our own home of course. One of my long term goals is to retire there. Wanted to visit with Owee in Nha Trang the last trip, but could not seem to fit it in with my fiancée’s busy schedule there. We did have a lot of fun though. Maybe I will get to stop by next trip, if you and your wife are going to be home. I really enjoy my visits there.

  5. Hello Owen
    I have been reading your blog for the last couple of weeks and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I ran across it on tripadvisor. I am not sure if I will ever make it to Vietnam but hopefully someday. If I ever do I would most certainly like to stay at the Tide Hotel. It looks like my kind of place. Anyway all the best to yourself and family.

  6. Very sad to see (or hear). On a brighter note, glad to hear that you guys caught up. Don’t forget to call me next time you are in Saigon!

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