A Trip to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Nghia, Linh, Hau, and the girls host us

Tonight I am sitting in a hotel in Saigon. I have arranged a trip for family and friends to tour Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. My friends at V’Explore have made all of the arrangements and to my pleasure, my friend Hau will be our guide for the Cambodia portion. You may recognize the name from other posts. He is the general manager and is personally accompanying us on our adventure.

So far the trip has been just a matter of getting everybody together and ironing out details. I have met up with my sister and a customer (now pal) Michael. Today I go to the Airport to meet Lloyd. Over the next few days, the rest of the party will arrive and we will then start our trip.

As is usual, I have been met by Nghia and Hau and kept busy eating and drinking. It seems it never stops. Last night Cathy and I were invited to dinner with Hau, Nghia and family and my sister enjoyed the first frog dish of probably more to come.

It is the next day and Cathy is on a tour to the Cu Chi tunnels. Her trip started by her flight being 2 hours delayed. It was 1am by the time we got to the hotel and the only places we could find for a drink were girlie bars…….. so be it!! It was about 3 am before we finally got to sleep. The next day was about just walking about and seeing the reunification palace, Notre Dam, Opera house, and City Hall. NowI am off to meet Lloyd at the airport….. More to come

What a sweetie
Hau sings for us

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6 thoughts on “A Trip to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

  1. The black background ain’t workin my man, very hard for old eyes to read. Should be a nice trip, I enjoyed ‘Bodia, the brat and I are probably hitting Lao in a month or so for a few days. Problem is that now that Tet is over the damned business is picking up!!

  2. You insist on rubbing your good fortune in my face at every turn, now off to Lao, and Camby…..don’t know how you do it….lucky Mai is there to keep you grounded.

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