New Year and Rice Cakes

John & Rob eat Pho

New Year has just passed, and as is usual, the city was alight with displays and the streets filled with partiers and families from all over Vietnam come here for a few days of celebration. The locals that live here are hard at work preparing for new years celebrations with friends and family. The photos on this post are of a family of a friend making traditional rice cakes. One of them is vegetarian, and the other stuffed with minced pork. In the end the made 50 kg of delicious rice cakes,

As is the norm, the whole country came to a stand still on New Years day. Surprising to me is that some businesses and restaurants were open the very next. I guess times are changing.

Rice Cake anyone?


Huong and Tam hard at work


Huong Tying a banana leaf wrapTam stuffing the rice into banana leaf
Nhat is hard at workThe finished product
In the first photo you can see Rob abd John. Rob has been selected as a candidate to an adventure of a lifetime….. or something like that. Check out the contest here
Oooooooo….. who knew we would have such a celebrety stay with us 😉