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Ken & Thuy

The past few weeks have been very busy.  After returning from Saigon, the first order of business was ho host the wedding reception of a friend that has flown here from the United States. Congratulations Ken and Thuy……. I hope you have a long and happy life together.

Many of my recent days have been busy with friends that have visited from Canada. Two of them (Brad and Ken) are here for three months. We also had the pleasure of having Ray, Sharon, Terry, and Kent stay with us for a week. It was very good to see them and we had a great time together. Hopefully they can find the time to return in the future.

I was recently in Saigon to purchase a hard drive to meet these friends. As is the norm, I met up with my friend Hau and went for a delicious meal of snails. There were big snails, small snails, and a few clams in between. Ooooooooo Baby!! A person cannot get enough of the great and different foods here.

On my return trip to Saigon, I was surprised when a very slight woman ran up the street

A party

 to me and punched me directly in the stomach. It was painless, but I was caught totally by surprise. There is a bit of history to this punch and here it is.

I now know many of the local Vietnamese people who hang around trying to get at tourist bucks. Some of them are motorcycle cowboys, others book and cigarette sales gals, and others can be hawkers, hookers, or local guides. One evening I was strolling back to my hotel when I was approached by a waif of a girl offering sexual services. When I spoke to her in my bad Vietnamese, she immediately cut her price by 70%. I then asked her what time she started working in the day and was told 10 am.  Told her OK….. I would see her at 10 tomorrow. I then caught my bus back to Nha Trang and forgot the conversation. Three months later I was walking down Pham Ngu Lao Street and the same tiny woman confronted me with her hands on her hips in a

Terry and Kent

defiant pose. I did not remember her until she blurted out…. “I waited for you and you did not show up….. I am angry with you.” Huh!! I had to laugh as she sternly stared me down. I apologized and said “no problem, I will make things right. I will meet you tomorrow in the same place” Again, I caught a flight home and totally forgot about the humorous engagement. Well…….. While I was there last, this same tiny thing came running up and slugged me. In front of half of Saigon, she wagged her fingers and chastised me about waiting for me and how I had hurt her by not showing up. People all around were looking at me like I was some kind of lecher, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Her revenge at my jokes being sated, I sat with her and a couple of other working girls in a small chair on the street. I bought then a fruit

Ray and Sharon

 drink and we laughed about our interaction. It was a pleasant and joking conversation, and I had to endure the extremely hostile stares of foreign women walking by thinking I was some kind of sex tourist or the like. My bus had arrived and as  I got up to go, I told her that I would meet her tomorrow for our rendezvous….. She responded by pointing her tiny little finger at me and declaring for everybody to hear that I was unreliable and that she will not wait for me anymore. OF course….. everybody looked. As I walked to my bus, an old moto cowboy slapped me hard on the shoulder and after a toothless smile said to me. “You understand…… You Friend” I could not have had a better compliment.

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4 thoughts on “Just a few words

  1. Well we have missed our breakfast coffee’s and bun mai’s and I know this spelling is incorrect.

    I want to know if you got your windsheild for your bike yet? We did get a copy of pmt. that we kept just to keep in case of whatever.

    Have to go to Edm. on Thurs till the 5th, and we are going to check out pics as Sharon and Ray are missing some days. I’ll also send you some of my best from our trip north…or just some of my best of our stay in Nha Trang.

    I have been spreading the news about your hotel and I sure want to come back to have some things made for me, and some hand made shoes, and glasses, and MORE purses too! What a great time to shop and save.

    Give our love to Ken and Brad and Mai…and staff, we will be going to Wendy John’s 54/11 party on Friday so will pass on hello’s for all of you there to Wendy and the gang.

    Thanks again for the fun time, for the great room and great help enjoying your new home. love and hugs…Kent and Terry

  2. Ha Ha Ha!! Boo Koo…… I thought I was the only one that understood that!
    Being with me in Saigon at the same time is boring….. trust me….. I am all talk and no action. (snif)

  3. This explains why every time I go over to Thien Ten street here some skanky skinny gal runs at me screaming and yelling ‘You bookoo number ten ********** GI…no ten o’clock…no ten o’clock!!’

    So you get ’em whipped up then blow town…nice guy!!

  4. Owen you can’t go anywhere without getting into some kinda shit! Ladyboys, street walkers….whats next? Maybe I’ll meet you in Nha Trang instead, I don’t trust being in Sai Gon with you at the same time. I like my trips to be adventurous but not crazy.

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