Warranty?? Really? I do not think so

A good lunch

I have suffering from a bit of bloggers block, but also have become so busy with the hotel that the free time I used to have for writing is no longer there. Tonight I have returned from a night of entertaining friends that are visiting from Canada. I am preety sure they have just experienced a night they will never forget, but I will perhaps write about it another time…. Let’s just say it involved some discos and many amazingly beautiful young women and a couple of bottles of scotch. It was all innocent, but it sure emptied the wallets of my friends 😉

Let me tell you about something very common in Vietnam and very frustrating. It is all about warranties. When you make a purchase in a store, it is all promises about being satisfied and the dreaded phrase “no problem”, but as usual if you hear “no problem” BEWARE! My Harley is still under warranty and when I developed a moisture cloud in my speedometer, I went to the dealer to have it checked out. They pulled the malfunctioning speedo out and spent some time trying t determine how it could be opened. I was half expecting them just t call the manufacturer and have another sent out but t my surprise, the mechanic not being able to determine how to open it, pulls out a big drill and makes a big


 hole in the plastic base. He then realizes that he has made a mistake and the top of the speedo unscrews. He then applies a thick silicone bead to the threads and plugs the offensive hole with a gob of the same material. Whaa?? I am sure that any warranty on my speedometer will be negated by this butchering….. and so it was. The speedometer became cloudy the next day and I returned to show them the problem was not addressed. With the threads now sealed by silicone, out came other instruments t try to open the casing. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Just get me a replacement…… That could not happen because the part has been butchered in the vain attempt t repair it. In the end I had to purchase a new speedometer…. So much for warranty.

I am now dealing with another warranty issue. In the past week I was in Saigon to purchase an external hard drive to back up my data for the hotel. I returned to Nha Trang and after a few days, tried t hook up the new device…… No luck…. The thing is damaged. Upon closer inspection, I find

Riding all year round...... Cool!!

scratches on the case. This hard drive was used, failed, and then returned only to be re-sold to another dupe…. Just like me! I phoned the company and was told that I could only exchange for 10 days. 9 days had past already, but I was able to get it onto a bus and have a friend return it on the 10th day for exchange. Ken and Thuy went to the store to exchange my item but were now told that the item had to be returned within 7 days for refund or exchange. I now have coos, and promises that it will be repaired and returned to me. I wonder hw many big holes will be drilled into the plastic casing?

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9 thoughts on “Warranty?? Really? I do not think so

  1. Sorry…… I have been suffering some writers block and have been very busy operating at 100% occupancy. I will try to get the show back on the road.

    Soon Bob… Soon… trying to find a sunny day and a few hours

  2. There is ALWAYS beer here. Right now I need one (or more) due to one of those ‘Owen’ type days ha ha. Vnese wife with head firmly planted in her own backside for a few days…hot water went Tango Uniform on us – not for her shower — for mine!!! Spent two hours finding an ATM that’s working before I could buy the new unit. This one told me that it charges 50,000d for offshore transactions and my card is from a bank here…HUH??
    The worker then proceeded to break the inlet line before hooking up the power and (somehow)frying the brand new machine. Some days it’s either beer or Valium 😉

  3. If you manage to get some time and get up here I can offer a little tease…found Blu Cheese…had it shipped in

    I can make you a bacon- blue cheese burger with a big slice of mozarella or American on top.


    Buffalo wing pizza anyone?

  4. You stole my line !! Actually a hole in the speedo would be a good thing, will allow air circulation and condensation to evaporate, no more fog. Not meaning to be a wise guy but for record keeping I’d suggest what the Vnese do…paper, paper, paper. In this climate everything fails in short order. We’re using little ledger (notebooks) and anything which must be saved on a thumb drive.

    That hard drive will only last a few years, like the one in your PC and you don’t want the surprise of finding out that today was the day it decided to die and take everything with it…OOPS!

    I know, big pain in the butt, but, it works.

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