Christmas Day

Today it is Christmas, a day like any other in Vietnam. The businesses are open and the kids are in school. I am looking out at a sunny and warm day. It is as if nothing happened yesterday, but let me tell you how the 24th went.

In the morning and early afternoon, it was a little quieter than normal. People were home many enjoying the afternoon off due to a western holiday. A person could think that nothing is going to happen here when shortly after dark…… WHAMMO!! People came out in force. There were convoys of teenagers cruising the roads wearing bright red Santa caps, and perhaps almost every child in town was standing on a motorcycle between mothers arms gazing wide eyed at the chaos and confusion around. It is Christmas eve and this is when the Vietnamese recognize the holiday. All bars, restaurants, and coffee shops were filled to capacity and the road filled with exhaust pipe to exhaust pipe traffic. Santa’s were everywhere riding scooters. Every large restaurant was overflowing with guests that were attending weddings that have been scheduled for this night for a long time.

I was going to cook a turkey but the only ones to find were monsters too big to fit in our oven, sooooo A large honey glazed ham and 2 big chickens are on the menu. We wish all of you were here to share this meal with us…… Oh well…… I guess more for me 😉

Merry Christmas Everybody

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. so what is nha trang like at christmas and new year.we staying in phan thiet next xmas would nha trang be a better bet do you think?

  2. We had a quiet day, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies for the Xmas dinner with 2 friends. Most of the expats here are doing a 360 this time of year or gone. I’m on my way down to Saigon Wed. night on the late train Owen, maybe we can hook up. My hotel is over in Dist. 2 but no problem getting to PNL for beers and dinner.

  3. Don’t feel too bad about not having any turkey, I’ll eat your share at dinner today(Christmas) and let you know how good it was.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Mai!
    Thank you for a great time at Tide and in Nha Trang. Now we are back at home after a nice 3 weeks trip in Vietnam.
    Please give our best regards to all of your staff and also to Roger.
    Regards from Marie and Kjell

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