Owee Easy Rider?

Sometimes a person has to love this place. You never know what will be trown into your lap. 

It seems word has gotten around that I have a new bike and a few easyriders have approached me with the offer of teaming up with me to do tours to the highlands. Unknown to them, I have been in discussions with a tour operator friend about the very same thing, and to top it all off, my wife has also seen my keenness to adventure and has suggested that maybe I should consider giving it a try.

It seems I have two tasks upcoming….. One is to improve my language skills in order to communicate more effectively with the locals, and to learn the culture and life of the hill tribes. I was asked to go to the central highlands in a couple of days for some familiazation but I will be in Saigon (yet again…… yawn) It looks like when I get back a new adventure will begin. It will probably make for some good blogs.

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4 thoughts on “Owee Easy Rider?

  1. Don’t know how thrilled I’d be hauling around a tourist of unknown riding ability plus all their baggage LOL…I’ve seen some of those guys with a pretty heavy load. Of course if you took day trips there is a lot of beautiful territory right out Hwy 26 over toward BMT. Go north there and you’re in the mountains on average roads, cutting off 26 at either M’Drak or E’Knop will take you into some fantastic scenery with only a few shallow fords.

    That puts you into mountains, coffee growing country and up to your ears in tribal people on a day trip. No guest houses that I ever found so it has to be a day trip.

    Could be fun.

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