A cell text Marraige

The problem with business cards is that once a person has one in their position, they have a permanent link to a person. I would have never of dreamed that a business card could cause my trouble, but this is Vietnam and anything can happen. Let me explain…..

For the past month or so I have had a number of women that I do not know text me asking for dates and even marriage. They are always polite and once I no thank you, I never hear from them again. I was always curious how they got my number and a little bit alarmed that it was happening so often. I even got a call from some man yelling in Vietnamese. I gave the phone to my receptionist and was told that the man was demanding to know why my number was saved in his wife/girlfriend’s phone….. SHEESH!! Last night I finally discovered it was from my business cards. There have been odd instances in the past when a woman walking by would see me behind the reception desk, pause for a moment, and then walk into the lobby and take a card from the card holder. Shortly after I would get one of these text messages but I never associated the two until know. Last night I got a simple message in English, “Hello, how are you” I replied I was fine and who was this? The answer came that she was Hong. Aha!! I remember a woman who introduced herself as Hong ask for my business card. The next message was “I like your hotel and I want to know if you are married”

I replied yes I was and her reply was a simple OK, Goodnight.

Huh…. Only in Vietnam can a person get marriage inquires on a text message via cell phone…..

Single? Just give you business card to a woman and wait until she passes it on to your future wife. Damn I love this place sometimes.

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5 thoughts on “A cell text Marraige

  1. Ha! Talk about straight to the point! No beating around the bush for the Vietnamese women…On my first visit last year, I was a little shocked at how direct they were in asking personal questions. Especially, when I didn’t know them – for instance, how old are you? They would not hesitate to say it as it is! Western etiquette v Eastern!

  2. OK Owen, I will have some business cards made up as soon as I hit the ground in Sai Gon, I’ll have to get a local # too and then just wait for the offers to start rolling in right? Viet Nam is so “civilized” as my buddy in the states often reminds me.

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