VinPearl Land in pictures

VinPearl land is situated on an Island just off the coast. A person can purchase a ticket to cross by boat or cable car the the theme park. Once there, all rides and amusements are free of charge. The admission at the current time is 350000 dong.

The park consists of a ride area with roller coasters and the like, food courts, a beach area, a game room with bumper cars and space rides, a gift village, an aquarium, and a very large water-park.

The Vin Pearl resort is accessible by a tram that constantly travels between the two. Guests of the hotel may use the amusement facilities, however, park guests cannot travel to the hotel without a ticket. This was a bit surprising to us because we wanted to take a look at the hotel with the intention of perhaps booking rooms for a future date. After being told we were not allowed to go to the hotel without a ticket, (whatever that means) we returned to the Mainland, customer lost. If there is a way to view the hotel in person before booking, please comment.

These are pictures taken in the middle of rainy season. It was still a warm and pleasent day for the park. Even if it had rained…. There is always a day in the waterpark, as you will be getting wet anyway.

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  1. we are going to nha trang in a couple of weeks and found this blog while trawling the net… it has helped to know there is some good (trusted) advice we can read about the area …. i have been in the east before and know you need to be careful if you want a good thine and would like to say thank you to Owee for the help in these blogs

    1. Thank you so much for tour kind words.I only want people to enjoy this country as I do and try to offer real information and not the worn out tour book info.

  2. Someone making fair comment (eg. disagreeing with you how well they liked a restaurant) or with a legitimate complaint (eg. construction noise bothered them from their room)is of course no problem. Someone who is being abusive or trying to undermine your business (for whatever personal or business agenda of their own) is just a troll and all internet forums, blogs, etc filter out spam and trolls. Carry on 🙂

  3. keep fighting Bro – doing the right thing is always worth it in the end. A colleague of mine might get in touch with you for some advice. She will be passing through VN next summer. I Gave her your web info and blog address

  4. No matter what we do we all seem to find morons like this who have nothing better to do and, most of the time, nothing constructive to add to anything. Let he/she just go on ranting and eventually they run out of things to rant about — or even better — just ignore them.

    Of course you could get his/her address and drive by with your new ride and break all of the windows with your nice ignorantly loud pipes ;))

  5. It is not a problem and I will post negative feedback. I only sensor material that are not post related. A bit on the negative side? Here is the content of his second post. This persons ip is from Saigon. I will allow anything as long as it is post related and not personal attacks, advertising, or general spam
    From yaeppy:

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    I see nothing constuctive in what he/she has to say….. do you?

  6. hey owee. what’s your problem man? so the guy is a bit on the negative side; just edit the four letter words so it can stay a family show and its all good`. it,s more fun when it’s not all positive ,that mot real man !

  7. Here is why I have to approve comments. This was submitted by a person that calls themself yaeppy

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    oooo I have to respond.

    I feel sorry for you… Yes I have other things to do, but my comments on trip advisor gets me many letters of thanks for the advice I give.
    Naive? Really? A few more years and perhaps I will be fluent in the language, and I have made up my mind… seems you have also.
    Wake up and go back cheap charlie???? Huh??? What the heck is that all about?? I have invested in this place and employ people paying an above average wage. What bout you?? Do you contribute to society?

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