Where is Khuyen?


I mentioned that I would update Khuyens status in another post and here it is. For those of you who do not know this story, here are the links to pages






I met Khuyen in a hotel in Saigon and was impressed by her work ethics. Over a period of time, I realized that she was what I wanted for my hotel and I pursued her. I was able to convince her to come with me to Nha Trang and work with us. We were a big happy family. Everything was going great and Khuyen and I fell in love.

It was like a father daughter relationship, and nothing that would go any further. We discussed it and agreed that that was all it could ever be, and so it was. Others saw how close we had become and rumors and speculation became involved. Khuyen had a boyfriend, but it was relayed to his family that Khuyen and I were a couple. That caused many problems. At the same time, these same loudmouths caused friction on my end by spreading all kinds of false tales. It was easy to see and I/we never tried to hide it. Why should we….. We were like father and daughter. I have never had children and the joy the relationship was bringing me gave me an insight to what others had. Others did not understand, and Khuyen’s boyfriend caused major issues that forced an end to heremployment with us. I was and still am devastated.

It has been a few months since Khuyen left, but I have been in contact and we have met a few times, all in secret because of the situation. I have to admit that I dislike her boyfriend very much. He still to this day is very suspicious that her and I are lovers and takes her cell away to read her personal messages. This guy is controlling, demanding, and insecure. I honestly believe that Khuyen will not be happy with him in the long run. How can you have a relationship without trust? She tried to break it off a few times but always went back until 3 days ago……

My day receptionist Tram received a message that Khuyen wanted desperately to meet. Tram and Khuyen met and after a very tearful meeting, and after, I was asked if Khuyen could come back and work for us. My heart leapt with joy!! I assumed that her boyfriend was no more. I spent time talking with those around me explaining and being very open about how I felt about her and how now that everybody understood, there should be no fear that Khuyen and I would become lovers. Mai and the others accepted everything and would take her back. Yipee!!! We called another person who we had coming in to be hired and told her that she could not have the job. (A very mean thing, but necessary at the time) I had planned to pick Khuyen up on the motorcycle and bring her to us, but the next day something was wrong…… Khuyen said that her boyfriend (I thought him out of the picture) had threatened violence and would not allow her to come back to us.  I drove over to her work and had her meet me in the street for a talk. She really wants to be with us but it looks like her boyfriend is now using the marriage card to keep her. Our conversation was a tearful one and now the relationship with my “Daughter” may be coming to an end. I cannot bear to see her with this guy. He has destroyed her life in my opinion, and in a small way mine also. I cannot continue to see Khuyen as long as she is involved with him….. It breaks my heart. Even typing this brings tears. Yesterday, with her and I crying, I told her that as long as she is with him, I am a danger and cannot be part of her life. She wants to explain to me what is going on but our language barrier prevents that. She wants to see me again with Tram as a translator, but I do not know….. I said goodbye…. Perhaps for the final time.

I was expecting this post to introduce you to my new housekeeper Khuyen, but in the end it has become a tale of tragedy. Sob.

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10 thoughts on “Where is Khuyen?

  1. …and now that we’re in July 2011, have you heard from Khuyen since this blog post? She sounds like a real rare gem, and despite the language barriers how you two formed a special daughter & father relationship…hope she come’s to her senses (re: control freak boyfriend!).

    1. I have heard from her ex employer that she has left Nha Trang and went back to Saigon to look for a job. I assume she broke with her BF. That is probably best, and she is probably wise not to contact me and have things get complicated again. I will miss her

  2. You posted under Anonymous, and all of them have to be approved by me…. that is why it dissappeared. If I did not do this, there would be comments from some very unsavory characters auto approved.

  3. where did my reply go??????

    oh well, i’ll write it again…

    Owen..this sounds like a novel or a move script- I hope everything works out for everyone….we do really crazy stuff when we’re young, don’t we?!!

  4. She’s an adult. Adults are entitled to be stupid. Make sure she knows what resources are available to her if she later decides to leave her situation. Odds are she’ll pop up again in your life in the future. She knows where to find you.

  5. She is a great worker. I met her and observed her work at the hotel in Saigon and also at the Tide in Nha Trang several times. Owen, Let her go. This boyfriend easily can put you in danger. It is very common and cheap in Vietnam to hire out a hit on somebody. You do not want any thugs coming after you. If that was to happen? Your only choice is to leave the country for your safety.
    Please for yours and Mia’s sake, Leave well enough alone. You have no control over this situation. 🙂

  6. Sad, she is such a great girl and would make an excellent wife as she was an employee. The things you do when young. Hopefully things will work out and she will see the light. Is that how she wants to live her life…I don’t think so. Constantly under suspicion. From his point of view it’s quite hard to compete with “the rich foreigner that owns his own business and that she worships for everything he has done for her”. I feel bad for you Owen I know how much she meant to you.

  7. That is a shame and I feel for you. That moron however, is a shining example of about 75% of the males in this country. Too bad she had to hook up with one of them.
    You are best to let it go and safer for her in the long run. I’ve seen quite a few relationships like this and the beatings are all too common here.

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