I finally get even!!

Linh and his family

I am sitting in a newly opened hotel of only 3 months in Tuy Hoa with my head spinning!! If you recall, it was only weeks ago that I came here with my pal Nghia to join him in the wake for his mother. As it turns out, I am here today to join with a friend Linh, for the wake of his mother. There is really not so much unusual in that. What is unusual is that tonight I returned to the same hotel I stayed before and was greeted by the husband of the owner of the hotel. He had been waiting for me all evening. When I went to get my room keys, he came out and declared that I was the owner of a hotel in Nha Trang. Huh?? Uh yes I answered. I have no idea how this person found out who I am, be he introduced himself and his wife and proceeded to engage me in conversation about the hotel industry. I told him that I had only one year experience and could not be much help, but he waived that aside and told me that being a foreigner in Vietnam running a hotel biz was not supposed to be

Restaraunt is closed

 possible. It seems that word has got out about me and my situation. Jeezzzzz… That is all I need…. Is there anywhere I can go and be incognito?

Anyway…. We spoke for a while on what is acceptable to western standards, and other hotel related things. It turns out that he is a surgeon and comes to the hotel to help his wife. I promised him that next time I came to Tuy Hoa, I would get the receptionist to call him, and yes….. If Mai or I ever have a

Fishing village

problem with our health….. I will call him. Maybe I will, but I have to check his credentials first. A surgeon trained by who? He seemed like a nice fellow though, and I will talk with him again next time in Tuy Hoa 

I blogged about Tuy Hoa in the past so I will not spend more time on it except to say that I really enjoy this place. Hopefully the area will become more tourist friendly in the future, but for now it is still 100% Vietnam. I popped in on Bob while I was here and we had a brief time to continue our

Flooded river

 friendship. The poor fellow has been struck with obstacles and frustrations that I have not had. He is in the process of opening a café that serves western food in Tuy Hoa, and I will be a customer. I will be back.

Sharing a laugh with Bob

So let me tell you about some fun I have been having. Those of you that have traveled in Vietnam know how shocking it can be when a bus or truck comes speeding up behind you and hits the ear shattering horns. Many times I have been shocked almost into the ditch, and I know how to drive here. It only takes momentary laps of concentration before it can happen. Well…. One of the things I did not like about my Harley was the noise it created. I had full intentions of taking it into the shop and having the pipes stuffed to quiet it up. Imagine the delight I felt the first time I went

The road home

 passing and roaring by one of the offensive busses that constantly assailed my ear drums, when my rear view mirror, I saw the driver react exactly the same way I did to the surprising noise. Hmmmmmm …. I might have to reconsider changing the exhaust. As it stands, the loud pipes make me drive as gentle as possible so not to disturb people in the city too much, but gives me the glee at getting revenge to the shock and awe drivers……. Aahhhhh… payback is a bitch!!

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4 thoughts on “I finally get even!!

  1. Comment(s): Ha Ha, we were emptying them that night.
    As Owen knows, most of my problems are solved and I have a brand new Exemption visa so…the cops and immigration here in ‘Mayberry’ can kiss my butt.

    Try figuring the logic out on this one/two:
    They don’t want me staying in Tuy Hoa because I don’t have a job/work contract/work permit…I want to open the cafe’ which should be a ‘job’…according to the cops that’s not a ‘job’ so they don’t want me opening it. Phuong explained that I have income from the US so I don’t have to work, they don’t care.
    We had to put the rental contract in her name because, with none of the above, I can’t rent the house. They also asked her why she wasn’t working — she tried for about 10 minutes explaining that A) she doesn’t have to and B) the only jobs she could get here don’t pay enough to bother.

    We are going to open the cafe but if the harrassment becomes too much (the cops have already told us that if there are any problems or anything is stolen don’t call them) we are a short move to Nha Trang. I have a friend with a small truck. The cafe’ will have her name on it just like the rent contract. I’m sure there will be more fun in the near future.

    The airfield here, which is now the commercial airport, was the first one built by US forces in the 60’s. It was originally an emergency field for B 52’s (hence the long runway) if they couldn’t make it back after being hit up north. It spent the war as a base for 100 series fighters especially the ‘Thuds’ which flew a lot of support missions into the central highlands from here.

    I actually met a woman who was an area clearence operator at the tower from 67 to 70. She runs a coffee shop up near the train station. Any of the pilots would remember her because she was the first inbound contact call sigh ‘Echo 3’.
    And, nope you can’t do anything or go anwhere here, without someone knowing about who and where. This has caused us a lot of problems with meeting and getting information from Agent Orange victims and famalies here.

  2. I didn’t know Bob was a beer bottle collector too. I spent afew days in Tuy Hoa going and coming from my 2 duty stations while in Viet Nam. It was a large airforce base to my recollection with big comfortable beds with those thick mattresses we all dreamed about. It was headquarters for the 52nd Combat Aviation Battallion which my unit was a part of. The base had quite afew amenities as I recall…even a barbershop which the duty officer ceremoniously marched me and my buddy to….. and even payed for the haircut……damn hippy soldiers.

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