Disco and eye candy

Today I will simply write what is on my mind. Included are more pictures of the flooding.

Firstly, about the flooding in the central region of Vietnam. Nha Trang normally gets about 600 mm of rain in November. Under most circumstances the pattern is sunny or cloudy in the morning, and then a rain or sometimes down pour in the late afternoon. What we have experienced is 500 mm of rain in the last 5 days. The Vietnamese people are a very resilient bunch. People were laughing and carrying on as usual while everything happened. The only gloomy people seemed to be the tourists and expats. I have to give credit the guests that were trapped

The main tourist area

and remained with us longest than intended. They were a great bunch and very understanding. We did our best to keep them entertained by running movies in the lobby. I truly wish them good luck and weather for the rest of their trip.

Vietnamese discos can be hazardous to ones health, physically and mentally. A friend invited me to meet the owner of one of the major hotels in Nha Trang. Always keen for a new friend and contact, I accepted and off we went to the Nha Trang Lodge. We pulled up, me on the Harley and Scott on a custom Chopped Honda, and of course, we had the eyes of everybody. I had no idea that we were headed downstairs to the disco, but down we went, the thudding boom boom of techno music getting louder with each step. At the bottom of the stairs was either heaven or hell…. I have never been able to decide which. In a post long ago, Brad and I went into a disc in Quy Nhon and immediately were attended to by two young beautiful girls. When I wrote n the topic I said that one day I would discover if the “PR” girls had a male equivalent. I can happily say yes they do…. No sexism here….. It is all open. The disco was at explosive levels of estrogen and testosterone, with the booming of ear drum shattering rhythm in the background. Dozens of extremely provocative girls with hard bodies and mini skirts gyrated and quivered to the beat. Square chested young men strutted peacock like for any woman customer who might want some company. We were surrounded by ecstasy trying to get us to buy more drinks and enjoy are time…… That is what it is all about! Pay absolute and undivided attention to us and make sure we have a good time. Darn… I have to take a break…. Writing about it is making me break into a sweat.

I am back.

With ears shattered we escaped the disco and mounted our trusty steeds to the next place Scott wanted us to go………… The Disco at the Yasaka hotel was same same but worse. He ordered a bottle of Cognac and the girls swooped in on us like a vulture to a corpse. I made the mistake of speaking Vietnamese with a couple of the girls and became a target. Gyrating tiny hips and playful pokes and suggestive looks were headed my way. AAAAhhhhh!!!! I am married and old! I do not know how she convinced me, but one of the girls ended up getting my phone number and I hers. I deleted it after leaving. I had spent some time talking to her in Vietnamese. She tried talking with me, but no matter how hard she tried, I could not hear her over the music (if you can call it that). She cuddled up beside me and slid her hand along my thigh. Huh?? No way!! I know the game and do not want to get sucked into it. IT never ceases to amaze me at the number of stories I hear about old codgers like me getting taken for a ride by some beautiful bimbo. Anyway, we finished our drinks and left. For those of you interested, the beer was 45000 dong and the bottle of cognac was about a million. With ears ringing I drove home. Scott was a bit concerned because he knew I did not drink hard spirits, so he followed me home. That is his bike you saw Mai sitting on in another post.

Did I ever meet the owner of the hotel? Yes… He walked by and I was intrduced for a brief moment. There is no way he will remember me and no way I have made a new contact except for…….

Last night at 12:30 I received a text message from an unknown number. I asked who ity was and the reply was I spoke Vietnamese. I replied that I do not read or write, but only speak. I received an OK. After 10 minutes the same number appeared asking if I wanted to go out with me tonight. AAcckk! This was the disco girl. I responded that I was married and too old and that I was not interested in a mistress in very simple English. I received a simple OK and that is the end. My ears have since recovered and so has my mental state. Guys and Gals…… If you want to Experience how high roller Vietnamese spend a bit of party time…. Check out the discos but beware….. it is explosive and expensive. Take only what you are willing to pay (or lose).

How about that!! I was going to talk about a number of different things and ended up droning on about discos. Well, I guess it had to be done.

Today, I talked with Maz1 and she got me to thinking about Khuyen…. Ahhhh sweet Khuyen… I am still thinking about her hours later. I will update her situation in a later post.

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7 thoughts on “Disco and eye candy

  1. counting on it owen!

    booked another leg of my flights last night- up until well after 3am waiting for the sale tickets to be opened

  2. it was great to chat with you the other night owee..

    I LOVED this post-
    talking about loud music..
    when we were in Hanoi this year, we decided to check out a bar there – i’d read about it and it sounded wild and fun..and cool…I think it’s called Seventeen Saloon- we rocked up and were greeted by rows of ‘cowboys’ – but, as soon as we walked inside the ear-splitting music drove us out without even having a drink hahaha- the laser lights the loud music- omg- obviously i’m not quite as cool as i thought i was!!! PMSL (did we really listen to music THAT loud when we were young?????)

  3. I stayed at the Yasaka in 2005 and it was a nice stay. I did see the disco downstairs with the booming music and smoke machine pumping out dry ice smoke…..couldn’t get past the sound…never made it in the door. My years spent working with a local band traveling and setting up their equipment diffused any curiousity on what awaited me inside. The Phong Dong in Da Nang is exactly the same…so loud you can’t communicate or think….the Vietnamese must think that is what the west is all about.

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