190mm of rain

Bikes are us

Last night it started to rain. Something very interesting happened in conjunction. All of the houses and business filled with flies. It seems that even the insects knew what was coming and found shelter. (To human irritation) I stand at the computer in the lobby of the hotel. The current temperature is 24 and I am freezing. Huh…. Who would have thought that a Canadian could get cold at that temperature? That is warmer than I kept my house in the winter. Anyway……. It did not seem to me that it was raining that hard, but the closeness of the droplets quickly raised the water levels to a flood. Today and tonight, much of Nha Trang is under a foot or two of water. Still, life goes on and people drive by creating wakes that wash up on our sidewalk like waves in the ocean. We are lucky. Being next to the beach has saved us from the water entering our building. Many others are not so lucky. My expat friend Patrick’s house has 6 inches of water on the main floor, and a Vietnamese friend has a couple of feet. Amazingly though, I hear the squeals of laughter of girls as a passing vehicle throws tens of pounds of water on them as they try to walk. Others are on the beach walking along as if nothing was happening. Tomorrow will be an

All of the photos from my front door

 interesting day the water that has rushed to the sea from the road has created a giant hole on the beach. Tons of sand has been washed away. I was told that the news reported we had 190mm of rain today…. hmmmmmm

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5 thoughts on “190mm of rain

  1. At least back in the 60’s I had a big honkin boat to drive around in.
    We had 3 days of it up here along with gale force winds, glad we’re on the high ground. Have no idea how much we got but let’s just say enough — oh well, it’s the monsoon season ;))

  2. I remember those days well back in 1970 with everything in my hooch floating…..but the guys out in the field had it much much worse so don’t complain too much right?

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