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5 thoughts on “Tuy Hoa images and a Harley

  1. Hey there.
    Is there any way i can email you ?
    and your blogs are very very informative. Top work. Keep it up.


  2. Hi …. stumbled upon your blog here and really like it! I will be in Ho Chi Minh in a few weeks just in time for Tet.

    I have heard a rumor that the streets in District 1 will be closed for a while on New Year Eve … does that sound correct to you? Problem is I know I am going to need to make it over to District 3 around dinner time that night … and then back to District 1 around 11pm or so (to the Rex Hotel). Sounds like this will be no easy thing to accomplish … ? not that night anyways … but I need to do it anyway … somehow.

    I have sent an E mail to the Rex Hotel for their advice, but have not heard back from them yet…. just curious if you might have any thoughts ?

    Appreciate a moment of your time ….

    Thank you …

    Rick in the USA

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