Tuy Hoa and some thoughts

A couple of sweeties

I was awake at 7 am the next day and Nghia was waiting in the lobby to take me for breakfast. We had Pho Bo, a traditional soup that is commonly eaten in the morning. I had expected to go to the memorial of his father, but instead, his wife went on his behalf and we decided to go for a drive around to some interesting locales. We drove down some small roads through small villages filled with gawking people until finally, we reached a road under construction that lead to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. It was all about soft yellow sand, quit and clean. Booming waves big enough to make a surfing fanatic dance for joy added to the relaxing rhythmic nature of the place.  The sandy coastline was accented by areas of black stone that added to the stark effect. It was a spot where romantic couples were

Along the river

 spending a relaxing day. After a time we departed and drove around the country soaking in the beautiful sights. We both had to depart Tuy Hoa around 2pm, so as a last stop we headed for a goat restaurant. I have to admit….. The goat was fantastic and I will be eating there again. On the way home by bus, I mulled over the thoughts of some of the places I have been in the past few weeks. They have been adventures and I have had an

The largest Cham in Vietnam

incredible time. I have received a few comments about how people wished they could experience the same thing, and in my hotel, I constantly host travelers because they specifically want to get away from the touristy experience.

I am thinking….. Why not build a tour based on places of interest where no tourists go? Take those more adventurous types into the deep native areas where they will be a curiosity rather than the other way around. There will be no bacon and egg breakfasts, or hamburger and french fry dinners, and people may be required to stay in very basic Guest Houses, but that will be part of the charm. Of course in bigger locations, a person could go 3 star or more if they wish. My friends can make this happen! There will be some obstacles because of government restrictions and such, but they should be able to be overcome.

 I think there are enough people who read my blog, or ask for trip advice on the internet to justify trying to build such a trip. I will write soon and introduce you to the tour company and my good friends. I will also include an itinerary of what

Nghia on the rocks

we have in mind. The amount of interest in such a trip will determine if it will happen or not.

I was supposed to return to Tuy Hoa the next day, but as is the norm in Vietnam, things can change very quickly. I still will be returning very soon. The fact that I am thinking of purchasing a Malaysian Harley may have me itching for the road.

A beautiful view

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