3 hours of rain

A shower last night

Today It rained, and it was a pretty hard one. I like it!! It is nothing like we get back in Canada. The water is not cold and a person does not feel miserable. I had the pleasure of being about 20 km away from home when the rain started. Mostly the downpour was such that I was not able to use my camera for fear it would be damaged. I was able to get a few shots though.

Near my Tap Ba house
Passing by my front door
Some idiot not looking and cutting off a bus
Guess he did not make itDrains do not work fast enoughPassing by my front doorSome idiot not looking and cutting off a busA shot out the front door
Drains do not work fast enough
A shot out the front door

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5 thoughts on “3 hours of rain

  1. Anyone up for a night time boat ride on Pham Van Dong st.????? Owen can book it for you from the front desk of the Tide Hotel. Pickup will also be very near the front desk of the Tide Hotel….departing for points south on Tran Phu st. Nha Trang City Viet Nam…hehehe!

  2. Do you have snorkle gear for rent mate? Looks like a lil drizzle, coming straight down and not to the side so that’s good. Ahhhh the Vietnamese rains, makes you wanna stay inside and cuddle up with someone.

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