Rides in the country

Mantis vs. Roach. The Mantis won!!

It seems all of the paper work is done and from what I understand, here is the result of all the action. The police had a meeting with our receptionist and the owner of the motorcycle. It seems that the bike owner has a criminal record and was told by the police that it was entirely his fault and not the fault of the hotel. He should have verified the renter himself and not assume we had his information. After the fact, the police also mentioned that The bike owner may have been in on the theft. It is possible I guess, but it looks like everything worked out OK in the end. This episode has convinced me that camera security is needed, and I will be installing them soon.

My grand niece Su Su has been spending time with me in order to learn English. Not being an experienced teacher, I was struggling to come up with lessons to help her improve. I decided one day to take her for a ride with me into the country and it was fun! We practiced English together, and it forces her to try to get ideas across to me as there is nobody with us that can translate for her. The following pictures have been taken from our road trips.

On the rocks

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  1. Ba Ho is only 20 minutes away
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    hope you and mai had a wonderful anniversary, and i’m glad everything seemed to work out with the motorbike fiasco.

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