Taxi scams part 2

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Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport

When exiting the arrivals hall at the airport, you will be greeted by a huge crowd of people waiting for arriving friends & relatives. You will also be hassled by numerous taxi touts. Even if you ignore them and push past them to the taxi rank, things don’t improve, as there IS no taxi rank – just a mass of rival taxis jockeying for space and customers. In short, it is absolute chaos, especially when compared to the orderly system at Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport. So what do you do? Well, until the airport authorities take steps to install some sense of order, you have 4 choices:

1. Pre-book an airport transfer through your hotel or tour company. A more expensive option, but one that gives you peace of mind and eliminates hassle at the end of a long flight.

2. Book a taxi at the official taxi counter, which costs around $12 – again, more expensive than a metered taxi, but you get to avoid the chaos outside!

3. Fight your way past the taxi touts to the ‘taxi rank’, and flag down one of the reputable companies above. Have your hotel address written on a piece of paper to show the driver. Make sure he puts the meter on – if he refuses (he may try & offer you a “deal” or claim his meter is broken) get out and take another taxi. If he accepts, the fare into district 1 should be around 110,000-140,000VND. If it is substantially more, refuse to pay and get the porter at your hotel to sort it out for you. Also, if the driver asks you to pay any tolls en route, refuse – they are included in the fare.

4. A more crafty ‘insider’ option this one. On exiting the arrivals hall, turn right and take the stairs or lift up the departures area. It is much quieter there and you will be able to catch a taxi dropping off people at the airport, following the advice in point 3 of course!

5. Take the number 152 bus that stops in front of both the domestic and international terminal. Just take a few minutes to deal with the chaos and you should be able to figure out where the stop is.

Getting Around

Once you are settled into your hotel you’ll want to go out sightseeing or on business, and you may want to take taxis. Again, use the aforementioned companies, have your destinations written down, and make sure the driver uses the meter.  Remember, if you ask his advice, he will take you wherever he can get a commission)


After recent petrol price hikes, many drivers are turning off their aircon to save fuel. Not a good idea in a city where temperatures constantly hover around the 30C mark. If your driver refuses to turn his aircon on, get out and take another taxi.

Personal Hygiene

To many of the city’s taxi drivers, soap and deodorant seem to be alien concepts. If I get into a particularly malodorous taxi, I have no qualms about saying “Hoi qua!” (”It stinks!”) And getting out again, in the hope that the message gets through!


Tipping is at your discretion and is not expected. If the driver has been polite, helpful or gone above & beyond what you would normally expect, feel free to offer a tip.

Beware of drivers “assuming” that you will tip them – e.g. the fare is 25,000VND, you give him 30,000VND, and he says “thank you” and pockets your money without giving you change. Or alternatively, he may claim he has no change. In this instance, insist on getting your change back and stay put in the taxi, or take your money back and get out. He will then miraculously find some change in his pocket.


All taxis have the driver’s number in the window. It’s worth noting this down. If he gives you bad service or tries to cheat you, you can ring the company to complain and give them the number; and if you leave your bag or camera in the back of the taxi by mistake, you’re more likely to get it back!

There you have it. Everything 2 expats can tell you about how to get around without being cheated. Hopefully this will help you in your travels.

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3 thoughts on “Taxi scams part 2

  1. Hi Owee…I have to say I am very glad to have found your blog. I leave for Vietnam in 2 weeks and while very excited about travelling there, I am most nervous about the taxi situation @ the airport! As I am travelling alone, I think the pre-booked transfer option might be the best for me – are you able to recommend any reputable companies? The internet is full of companies offering the “cheapest” rate but I am not sure if that will necessarily get me to where I want to go! I am flying into Ho Chi Minh but might pop in & say hi when I pass through Nha Trang. Thanks 🙂

  2. I have updated the information on the taxi scams for Nha Trang. It is now a 290000 flat rate. If the taxi tries to scam more from you…… tell him you have no change and walk in to my place. I will come out with guns blazing and give the taxi driver a very good reason to remember the Tide Hotel

  3. I live in Bangkok, we have similar problems. maybe because i’ve been here long enough to know it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m planning my next trip to VN in April and was wondering if you have any update on Nha Trang. Is there a way out of being forced by the govt to pay too much? In many places i visit it’s possible to walk out of the airport and just stop a taxi for half the price. Penang is a prime example. But the voucher for MR42 or walk out and pay no more than MR25!!
    I’m sure you guys have helped alot of people…well done!!

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