Who can you trust?

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In my opinion Khuyen was one of the most important people any hotel could have. Sure she made mistakes and such, but still a hard worker. After 2 weeks of training her replacement, we found that not had our new cleaning gal cut corners and forgotten simple important things, but she was caught stealing things from the customer’s rooms. She is a simple minded person that we were helping out by giving a good paying job. The job was only for one month but still….. I cannot believe that she thought she could get away with it. The first instance was a customer who was ill and confined to the hotel for a few days. He was in and out of his room a number of times in the day, and after the cleaning gal was in, he came down right away all angry because the only American he was saving for coffee in the airport when flying home went missing, along with a 200000 note. We confronted her right away on it and she denied everything not showing any shock or dismay at being challenged.

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 There was still some small doubt in our mind as the money could have been misplaced, so we did not fire her and told her that if anything else went missing from customers rooms, she would be in trouble. In the 6 months of operation we had never had a complaint until now. Just a few days later, we were confronted by a missing toiletries bag, a bottle of shampoo that had gone from full to empty, missing ear rings, bracelet, and a necklace…. All from different rooms. That was it!! Out the door she went and we are now left without a cleaning lady for 2 weeks. Mai and Tram have spent the last couple of days cleaning, and now we have Mai’s twin sister.

Mai and I have learned a very valuable lesson. When it comes to very poor people, greed and lack of education over rides common sense. We will do our best never to have this happen again. It is extremely important to us to have our guests secure and safe. The last thin we want is for them not to be able to trust the very hotel in which they stay!!

Perhaps I should not even be posting this on the web for fears that a reader may choose not to stay because of the situation, but this blog is about Vietnam and what goes on here…..

I traveled to Doc Let beach with some friends to scout a location for a new tour. It has only been days, but The Texas Bar and Grill are putting their first tour together. It will consist of a group going to a nice beach under utilized by tourists and having an afternoon of fun and games, along with a great hamburger. I hope it all works out

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