Sissy is a tough girl


In the past I have referred to Sissy and Puffy, my two motorcycles that are the backbone of my freedom of movement here. Puffy is starting to huff and puff. I can see before too ling that I will have to spend a few bucks to rebuild the tired old engine. I had no idea that she was smoking, but a friend pointed it out.

Sissy on the other hand has surprised me. The other day I was cruising along when all of a sudden I lost power. As I coasted to a stop the starter engaged and smoke started pouting out from underneath the cowling as wires melted and fused. What a stinking mess. A person who thought they were being helpful ran over and dumped a pot of iced tea over my bike to try to quench the fire. Ah…. The poor girl had totally fried the electrical system. I was able to push the smoking carcass to a street mechanic that had a box of tools simply set up by the side of the road. He took charge and told me that there was no way I could have it today. Sissy required some major surgery and it would take until at least noon the following day. I trustingly told him to fix anything he found wrong and left. At noon I showed up to find a hard working guy wrapping wires and trying to completer the job on time. I told him not to worry and went for lunch. When I returned, I found his daughter putting food in his mouth as he worked. He did not even stop for a lunch break!!! Sissy was


 his first priority. About 2 pm he was all finished and he reluctantly told me that the total cost was 200000 dong. (10 dollars) I can never get used to how cheap vehicle repairs and parts are here.

I am amazed. Sissy now runs and looks better than she ever did. She now proudly prances down the street in powerful smooth grace that is a pleasure. No rattles or clanks, just a good solid burst of power that makes poor little Puffy look sad.

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