Weather in Nha Trang

Khuyen and a friend

The weather in NhaTrang is nothing like you see in the weather forecasts or the live conditions on the websites. The weather information for NhaTrang is collected at the Cam Ranh airport, and the information sent in does not reflect the true weather. Nha Trang is blessed with the best weather in all of Vietnam. The coastal city is protected by a ring or mountains in the north, south and west, and a series of islands east. The ocean breeze during the day must cause an area of higher pressure and all of the storm clouds are pushed along the other side of the mountains. Sometimes I am bicycling at the foot of these mountains and can actually see a plume of clouds being created rising straight into the sky as the moist ocean air collide with the warmer inland air, quite a spectacular sight really. On the other side of these mountains there can be heavy rains and lightning, but within the magical area that Nha Trang is located, we will be experiencing sunny skies. Sometimes the clouds are able to push past the mountains, but not very often. The city is also protected from typhoons by the surrounding islands, including the Philippines. The raging storms are almost always diverted to the north and the coastline from as close as 15 km and up through Hoi An/Hue can be hit devastatingly hard. NhaTrang has a rainy season that starts in October and lasts through November. That does not mean it is raining all the time, but many days it will rain for a period, and then be nice. It can rain very hard though. Especially if there is a typhoon headed up the coast.

With a yearly mean temperature of 28 C, it makes the weather very similar to Hawaii. NhaTrang is truly located in the ideal spot, and can boast the nicest weather in Vietnam. Mui Ne can also boast of its weather, but it can get mush hotter and very windy at certain times of year.

I have a couple of best friends living in my lobby….. actually there are many. I love the geckos that hide under the lights or in small crooks and crannies. They are great! When there are insect hatches that are drawn into the building, they come out in force and gobble up as many as they can catch. My new buddy is a praying Mantis that has taken up residence on our house plant. What a cool creature! I had never seen one before. He sits with his front arms extended waiting for dinner. Khuyen surprised me in the past by picking him up and showing him too me…. It almost freaked me out having is so close to my face. Speaking of Khuyen…. I miss her. I sure hope she is OK. I have not heard a word since she left.

I have had my camera returned and it seems to be working OK. Perhaps in my next blog I will be able to include some new photos.

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7 thoughts on “Weather in Nha Trang

  1. I find your blog by accident and have been captured. Thanks so much for sharing the information. We are considering visiting Nha Trang in the New Year period (the “normal” calendar year, not Tet). Do you think we can swim or the ocean will be too cold? We have kids (less than 5 years old) so we hope for reasonably warm water. Thanks for your help.

    1. The main beach area will most likely be very rough. Try the smaller beach on the north side of the bridge. The water is calmer and warmer

  2. Thanks for the description of the weather in Nha Trang. I’m currently in Hanoi at the moment and will stay here until almost the end of the month of October. I’ve thinking about spending at least one month in Nha Trang and if I fall in love with the place maybe stay until the middle of January.

    I’ve been thinking about spending about 4 days or so in a hotel until I can find an apartment in Nha Trang. Are there apartments for rent near the beach? Also, I understand a new gym opened in Nha Trang that is far superior to the gym in the Sheraton. Are you familiar with this gym and is it close to your hotel?

    Hope the questions aren’t a pain for you. Thanks for your blog. It’s been very helpful in understanding Vietnam.

    Robert Galea

    1. Everything is pretty close to the beach in Nha Trang. I have not hear of a new gym, but that is not surprising if it is located in the backpack area as I do not go there a lot. I will let you know if I find out more.

  3. Hey John! you are absolutely correct… I never thought to just look at the spelling. I know many Vietnamese that will be surprised to hear it from that angle. My own wife is convinced it is Mosquito and not nose/Peninsula. He He… I now stand corrected.

  4. I just read your blog about Mui~ Ne’ in Phan Thien. The 2nd definition is corrected. Because the mosquito in vietnamese is MUOI ( Muo^~i) not MUI. You can look it up in Wikipedia.

  5. Hey I know that guy with Khuyen, he was the one who drank all the Sai Gon Special that night. Drinks like a drunken sailor. “How about another fookin’ beer!”. He related to you?…sorry!

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