A girl named Sue and a noisy night

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Last night I stayed up until 3 am with one of the most incredible persons I have met in my life up to date. (Besides my wife of course) Her name was Sue and she is a British citizen of Chinese descent. Not only was she beautiful, but intelligent, well mannered, and had a very bubbly disposition. Wow!! I was mesmerized by her!!  The conversation we had was sadly interrupted by her having to pack and leave in a couple of hours, and me being too fatigued to speak clearly without sounding like a drunken sot. We met as she was returning from a tour to sleep. I knew she had booked a tour with my friend Hau, but she had no idea that I was the one that had been giving her advice and had recommended Hau to her as a guide. When she found out who I was, I was flattered and even a bit overwhelmed by the gratitude and praise that

Mekond Delta shot1

 she was showering me with for helping make her holiday a memorable one. We talked long about travel, life, and even a little about personal matters. I was bedazzled. We were running out of time and it was hard to let go of gazing at her beauty, inner and outer. After a hug goodbye like friends of old, she went up to her room looking like she was in tears, and I felt almost the same way. Wow!! If I wasn’t not a happily married man, I may have been on an aircraft chasing her, but alas, A friend she will be, even of only for a few hours. That was more than enough time for me to know and like this person a lot and would enjoy a lot more time getting to know her…

a fisherman on the river

(My wife may have her own opinion on that!!) Hopefully she will return some day and we can continue the conversation, and our friendship. Before she left she snapped a single shot of the two of us at 3:00 am. I hope she sends me a copy so I can share it with all of you sometime. 

Some of you will be happy to hear that the hotel turned a small profit. Not a big one, but enough to keep up going without draining our resources. We are very happy about that. Last night we had a large family check in that were visiting from Hanoi. They were booked for 4 days and when they arrived, all the noise of Vietnam arrived with them. The family consisted of a couple of


 officers, their brothers and sisters, and some very spoiled children. The noise started at 11:15 and no matter how many times they were asked, would not quiet down until 2am because they had no idea how. I know the type. They live in a world of volume and madness, and they carry it around with them. I became concerned for my foreign guests. Mai learned of this and was hopeful that they would find some reason to check out early. Mai’s wish happened… They were complaining that there was nothing good to eat in this city and asked if they could take

cruising the drag

over our kitchen so the could cook Hanoi style food. What???? Somebody invade Mai’s kitchen?? Of course not!! That was all it took. Later in the morning they approached us and asked it it was OK for them to check out early as they had decided to move on t Dalat. Hey!!! No problem!! We had foreigners asking for our rooms. They left in all their noise and confusion thankful that the hotel was so understanding, and we were thankful they were just leaving. Don’t you love it when things just seem to work out? 

Nice house with air conditioned bathroom for sale

Tomorrow I will be off to Saigon to meet with some people and go on yet another adventure to the Mekong. I guess that is all for now, hopefully tomorrow I will come up with a topic that is not about me. Oh….. and a few random photos.

PS. I have posted this late. Life is very busy here and I have been tied up with duties such as going on boat tours, country drives, and entertaining some very nice people.

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6 thoughts on “A girl named Sue and a noisy night

  1. Wow…. Owen… I am so deeply honor you have written an article on our night together lol.

    Yes… i know I still have to get the photo to you…. its somewhere.. actually on my facebook account… just wondering where your email and how to attach it here to you when I find it.

    Really miss the excellent, inspiring, open minded chat we had.,.even if it was a few couple of hours….

    I am still in Hanoi. Very attempted to cut my teaching short.. so I could pop down to experience and get to know you more…

  2. Owen,who are these people who say you cant getgood food in Nha Trang ,or at The Tide.Did they meet my friends,the Fishwives opposite.Shoot!Next thing someone will say that you cant get a good haircut in Nha Trang!Did they try Mai’s swordfish soup?No!

  3. “They live in a world of volume and madness, and they carry it around with them.” A perfect summation, they usually make me feel like handing out birth control pamphlets 🙂

    1. oooo rusty…… that is a question to make a good blog…… thank you, I will answer soon (if I remember)
      Vietnam is a noisy country for sure. Ear plugs are manditory.
      No way was I goingto suggest good food for these ones….. now I can sleep

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