A long ride to an unknown tourist attraction

The old house

Carl had some news about the oldest house in NhaTrang. We assumed that it would be with in the four gates and walls that used to be NhaTrang in the past. Our morning began with tracking down a woman who knew something about its location. I was to meet a wonderful woman and her husband. She was swollen with child and looked beautiful. Sometimes I am amazed at how big these tiny women can get when pregnant. After some discussion we learned that the oldest house in NhaTrang was in fact no where near NhaTrang. Not to be put off, we decided it was worth investigating. There is very little we do not know about the city and area, so something new is a burning glow on our radar. The dynamic duo headed out of the city on our bikes in a familiar direction and stopped for a cold water around the area of

an old rice husker?

 where I had climbed the mountain a couple of weeks ago. Until now, this is the furthest we had ventured. Being only half way there, we rode along the highway from hell braving the trucks and the insane drivers. About 45 minutes later out buts unclenched our bicycle seats as we turned onto a small lane that headed off into the countryside towards some mountains. We were doing very well. We only needed to stop for directions about 4 of 5 times. The ride was beautiful and after a 5 or 6 km ride off the highway we

wood stove

reached our destination. The entrance looked unused and we could see new cement and granite work on the front steps up to the gate. Appearingly out of nowhere, a man appeared and directed us to park our bikes in a rear parking lot. It was not deserted after all… there were half a dozen motorcycles in the lot. The tourist attraction.  The following is from Source: baokhanhhoa.com.vn

Hai Thai’s Ancient House in Suoi Tien Commune, Dien Khanh District, Khanh

142 pole house

 Hoa Province has been invested  by Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang and will be put into tourist on October 9, 2009.Hai Thai’s Ancient House, only several meters apart from the People’s Committee of Suoi Tien Commune, is located on the road to Suoi Tien Tourist Area. Belonging to a former landlord, the house was very large and beautiful. However, being used as a rice store of a cooperative for the long time after that did a lot of

not sure

damage to the house. Two year ago, General Director of Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang Hotel Dong Luong Son discovered this house and determined to restore it. Up to now, with the support of the provincial and local authorities, Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang has changed the ancient house into a tourist destination called Hai Thai’ s Ancient House.

Hai Thai’s Ancient House tourist spot, 18,000 sq m in land, owns a 100-year-old big house, which has been renewed but still remains its ancient

dining room set

 architecture. It comprises a 300 sq m main house with two grain storehouses at two sides, an antique kitchen behind, a age-old well and a moss-grown lake.

Additionally, the investor has created a space of ancientry with a lot of ancient houses, including a over-100-year-old house with moss-grown double tiles and 36-collumn houses for conference and party. The ancient houses overlook a green lawn where spirit rites and ceremonies will be held.


Behind the ancient houses is two 300m2 fish lakes where tourists can do fishing, have the tourist spot cook the hooked fish and enjoy them immediately. Specially, there’s a 400 sp m beautiful swimming pool with fresh water led from streams. Beside the swimming pool is a wide house on stilts as destinations for tourists. Tourists also can stay overnight in rooms of ancient houses or earthen wall rooms.  In addition, many other services such as touring around the tourist spot by ox cart, billiard, rural cookery, farming and camping are available at the tourist spot.

I am not sure I would consider 100 years old ancient and I have to admit


 that the place is a bit hokey, but there you have it. A out of the way tourist destination that is probably never going to make it into the guide books. Thr ide back was even harder than the ride out and we very nearly witnessed a head on collision between a motorcycle and a bus. We made it back to the hotel with tired and sore buts in time to witness an accident in our intersection…. a least we were off the streets.

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