I am my Fathers son

Well it looks like our little hotel made it onto You Tube. While Mai and I were in Canada, a young man named Kyle stayed with us. He definitely has some film making skills.

I was going to write about bicycles today, but I was startled about the events of the day and I think my thoughts are worth sharing.

It is important as a first born son to make parents proud. (My opinion) There are many things in the past that I have done (or not done) that to me seem as failures and possibly a let down to them. In my adult years, I think a lot about heritage, family, (or lack of it) and our place in the world. My father was a child born before the 2nd world war, and like my wife, saw a future in another country. He took the big step of leaving everything behind and going to Canada to start a new life. There he met my mother and with the dreams of building a new life and family, I came into being. He and my mother set roots and began to grow. I was the first, and then was followed by two brothers and a sister. One son passed away, but after dealing with the hard times, (and my delinquency) his dream was coming true. There was now the solid foundation of a family to continue and his and her part in this world. Their life has come to a successful conclusion and if there is somebody watching up there, the comment must be “they got it right”. Solid foundations had been set and the family would continue to grow and be a legacy to their names. …. Oh excuse me…. (I know Ben hates this) … A crab has just skittered across the floor and I have to assist it back to the ocean. (2 minute pause)…OK…

Imagine the surprise and perhaps disappointment when their oldest son out of the blue announces that he wants to leave the country that he was born in and start all over in a place where there is only a dream of a future. (Sound familiar dad?) They must have thought I was crazy. I had a good job with good pay and benefits, a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood, and a small but wonderful family that I saw not nearly enough of. Why would a person want to leave? I have posted about Tom and his influence, but there was more….. I was dying….. Every day I would wake up, try to keep fit, and die a little more. Life was good but not great. I gave up everything to may parents horror (I think) and moved to Vietnam. I have been in touch and expressed how happy I was. At first they felt a little bit hurt that I could so easily give up the country that I was born in, but then they came to accept it. I understand my parents need to have that family tie and roots to the country they and he chose and I feel the same way, but something was calling me away from my home. Perhaps it is that I can make a difference, and be an important influence on a family that needs it more than my own? I am not sure, but I will be remembered. Some time has passed and I have returned to Canada to visit friends and family. Perhaps they are still unsure as to whether I have mad the correct decision to come here, but today, I almost had tears in my eyes from the unexpected events of the day. Mom and Dad….. It is one of the most important things in my life that you understand, respect, and support the decisions I make in life. Without you, there is no me, and it is a duty to make you proud. Today I think I can do that. The following link is what I have been able to accomplish in my new life. This is for you mom and dad. I hope it makes you as proud, as it makes me. 


The comments I have received have been heart warming and I truly am honored that people who come as strangers and leave as friends take the time to make comments such as these.

Like my father, I have travelled half way across the world for a better life. It turns out that I am doing the same as him. I am my father’s son. 

I have had a few, and unless this writing looks too incoherent, I will leave as is when I post tomorrow. (Sorry mom, I know you have Mai watching me but once in a while I get to escape the guard.)

No random pictures today.

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6 thoughts on “I am my Fathers son

  1. OK kjrkerll… That is enough!! I am happy you follow my writing, but unless you have something worth while to contribite,that is not hateful or vulgar You will be blocked. Piemonte Italy….. hmmmm Ip is logged and I have detailed info… No more hatred please.

  2. Oh, and hey. Thanks for the great company to Hai Thai, Mai’s chicken curry was quite excellent, and an amusing hour or so at the circus….

  3. This is good……struck a chord in me. Looking forward to exploring this further over a couple of ice cold SSs.

  4. Also Owen,my Dad is 86.He now realises that i love him & Mum,even tho he may never understand me.I also believe my folks love me.After 2 divorces,this is probably the most important human relationship for me.

  5. Owen,This Aussie larrakin has tears in his eyes after reading this post.Having met you,i find you an extremely honest man,who is devoted to his wife,and is warm to strangers.I miss The Tide at Nha Trang,everything about it actually,and i think about the trip everyday.I was so happy at the Tide,that i let go paid accomadation in Hoi An,and stayed the whole time at The Tide.Keep up the good work!

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