Photo’s of a bike trip

A real sweat heart

Every day before heading out on our adventure, we stop for a smoothie at the corner of Nguyen Thien Thuat, and Le Thanh Ton. A wonderful girl (Ut) makes us the most delicious Mango, pineapple, passion fruit and yogurt drink. Ahhhhh… refreshing. Drop by if you ever want a great drink.

Carl and I pulled to the side of the dusty road about 20 km’s out of NhaTrang to take a photo or two. We stood in silence for a moment and then I said to him, “who would have ever imagined that in out later years we would be standing in this spot in this place, far away from where our lives happened” He was as awed as I. Here we were looking out among rice fields and spots of jungle that were spectacular in it’s beauty. If you would have suggested 20 years ago that I would been living in Vietnam, trekking on a 50 km bike ride in plus 36 degree weather….. I would have said YOU ARE NUTS!!!! But here we are. It was a somber moment and we just spent a little time just enjoying the feeling. We both agreed that life was good and each day was a joy, regardless of the day to day difficulties we face. And why would it not be. I have said before and will say again, that the Vietnamese people are perhaps the friendliest on the planet. Often we will cruise along with nothing but the crunching gravel under our tires to interrupt the peace. We will approach a clump or jungle with some of the wildest jungle noises you ever heard, and beyond it will be a family who amazed by the sight of a couple of old westerners (or maybe Carl’s spandex). Out into the street the kids will run with the giggles and the hello’s. Behind them in the yard will often be a group of huddled squatting girls and women beckoning us to come in and join them. IT is tempting sometimes, there are hammocks to nap in and great food being prepared, but alas, we usually have a destination in mind and we carry on. We have been on a number of adventures now and I am ready to increase the distance to new and unknown destinations, but I am afraid my amigo is not yet ready. How about I just serenade you with an imagined song and photo’s for this blog.

Imagine……. Some country twangy single stringed instrument and a tambourine making a beat. Add to that the warbling of a beautiful woman, arms outstretched in a traditional Dao Ai… and the photo’s

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