So sorry………

I have been so busy with adventures and life that I have only had minutes to spend on the blog. I have more adventures and real places to Visit in NhaTrang…. but not now. I will continue as soon as possible. The hotel is 100% booked every night and I want to spend as much time as possible with my guests. They are so nice. I can honestly say that my faith in human nature is restored.

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4 thoughts on “So sorry………

  1. Hi Owee,I posted a review on T.A.for you.They heavily edited it,which is a little annoying,only allowed 3 of the 7 photos i submitted.So sorry to Tran,the delectable Quien,and the Boyz.Cheers Mate

  2. Spending time with the guests is a adventure as itself. i will love to meet all sort of nice people. =)

    The chinese have this saying, ” human are born good not evil “, somewhere within every human, there will still be this ‘goodiness’ of him.

    So enjoy =)

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