A good snorkeling trip

Happy Anniversary to a very nice Couple

My time today for blogging has been disrupted by some very nice people.  The hotel is getting busier by the week and the people who are seeking us out are fantastic!! Everyday is turning into a vacation for me now. I am meeting a vast array of different people. Some that come here because it is one of the most inexpensive places to travel, and others that are wealthy beyond anything I could have wished for myself. Some have high levels of education and are occupied in fields that surprise me, others are from the ghettos. But still…… all amazing people! My faith has now become restored in human nature. It was so battered by my former occupation I thought it beyond repair. Who knew it would take a move half way across the world for it to happen.

Today is another power outage so I have no time to update or give comments on life in Vietnam. See you tomorrow.

Hello…… It is tomorrow. Sorry I missed yesterday but it has been a very busy couple of days, and we suffered another power out.

Lunch anyone?

 My generator quit and there was chaos. I now know how the chicken feels running around without its head. I have been running and banging into things all day…. But maybe I will get to that later.

On the boat

Two days ago I organized a snorkeling tour for 7 of my guests. OF course, the boss gets to go for free, so I joined them. On the trip was a very friendly couple from Wisconsin and their beautiful daughters, a great young attractive couple from Quebec, and a fun loving pleasant Chinese American from New York. Let me tell you about the day and a tour that is offered in NhaTrang.

A floating party complete with Rum

The day begins at 8:30 with a mini bus picking you up at our (or any other) hotel. You will then be transported to the harbor where there are many boats moored, most of tem being different tour boats. The company we now use for the snorkel tour very efficiently had us loaded and departed immediately, unlike some of the other mass confused tours I have experienced. The boat cruised through spectacular island scenery before reaching Mun island where there are some beautiful coral reefs to see. We spent an hour and a half swimming with the fishes and enjoying the beauty. Back on board we headed to another island to do some more snorkeling, but on the way we linked up with another boat where freshly prepared food was served. There was a lot to eat and the food was good. On full stomachs we jumped in the water and did

still on the boat

some more swimming. The second reef was not as spectacular as the first, but it was still a nice swim. We all ended our swim and was on board when the captain asked what we were interested in now. We had the choice of doing some more swimming, or hooking up with a different tour and joining the party. The majority decided that the party was on!! Off the boat many leapt and bobbing in the South China Sea did we sip on rum and some kind of fruit juice. (some sipping faster than others). With time running short, we then departed for a floating fish farm. We tied up and staggered our way along the small wooden walkways that were heaving by waves. Nobody fell in thank goodness and we saw some interesting sea creatures. I am sure that some of the party were extremely fearful of falling into one of the pens and being amongst slimy giant cuttlefish or even moray eels. Eeeeewwwww!! The tour ended with us docking and again in a very organized fashion, being returned to the hotel. The trip could have been a bit better, but over all it was a good day and everybody was satisfied.

This is one of many tours available in NhaTrang. This tour in particular has passed the Owee test and is now something I will sell from my front desk. I am reasonably sure that any guest, foreign or local will enjoy the day as we did. It is a little more expensive than other snorkeling trips, but you get to spend more time on the sea with more things to do.

A famly swim

Oops!! So much for the disaster of the day. I have run out of words for now. I am writing this 2 days behind. I think I covered most of the day, however, …… Oh!! Hang on, now I remember…..there was a bit more. Paul did not know what Bia Hoi was, so I was duty bound to rectify that situation. Down the street we went where we shared some good conversation, had a couple of toasts, and enjoyed the view. All in all it was not a bad day…………. How was yours?

A bit of an afterthought. I was contacted through Skype by Lloyd from Leeds. We did a face to face conversation for a while, and I have to admit… It was nice to see him. I feel honored that I am meeting new friends from all over the world. I hope you will become one too.

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5 thoughts on “A good snorkeling trip

  1. Hi Owee,

    I’m currently living in Saigon, but am planning a trip to Nha Trang this August.. and would very much appreciate if you could refer me to a reliable place to book day trips such as this! (Extra points if you have a place you usually go to for Saigon and Hanoi as well, just short 1 day trips/tours.. I have a lot of friends visiting this summer 🙂 )

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I can arrange most or you if you wish….my homestay/guesthouse RipTide arranges almost anyting that is decent quality. ! My friend Linh at Rafting Pro can help you if you are staying in the tourist area,

  2. Mark….bus ride from hell? You didn’t have it….I had it first!!!! 8 hrs to Phan Thiet stopping at every wide spot on Hwy #1. The worst stops for food and bathrooms I have ever encountered in Viet Nam. No complaints though…quite an experience.

  3. Hi Mate,Did the taxidriver return the room key?Never saw him again.Found the key in my pocket as i waited for the bustrip from Hell!

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