The adventure continues…

Cute little Kira

In a few hours I will be on an airplane heading for Beijing. I will be leaving a few very important people behind. I will not forget them, more likely, they will be on my mind even more than before. I feel a little regret that I have to leave my niece Carolyn and my nephews Eric and Ian, but perhaps even more so, Kira, a little bundle of cuteness that I am going to miss the growth of. I truly hope that we will be able to keep in close contact from overseas. So far the contact has been very occasional, but perhaps there will be some truth to the adage that distance makes the heart grow fonder…

Mai and I tried a number of different Vietnamese restaurants in Victoria and have

A family dinner

 both decided that the best Pho is at a place called the Saigon Harbor on Fort and Blanchard. Any of you who want a real taste of Vietnam, try Saigon Harbor… It is the best we have found in Victoria to date. Also to my amazement today, we went for a 5.99 steak at a place called Brannigans. I was expecting a tiny piece of beef, but that was not to be. It was a big 10 ounces and not too bad. I am sure that the beef had to be a lower standard than normal,

Some good food

or perhaps imported from New Zealand or Australia, but it was perfectly acceptable. A 5.99 steak dinner??? I will be back.

I have just received news from both my staff and a guest from Australia that our frequent commenter Mark has decided to extend his stay for a few days and will still be at the hotel when I arrive. That is very good news to me. I am looking forward to meeting him, and perhaps spending a day on some kind of adventure if I am not too burned out from jet lag. Now there is something

A man of immense Talent

 I just thought about…. How does a person with a failing memory, remember all the names of the new friends that a person makes in a business such as running a hotel?

Now I pack my computer and get ready to return to the adventure… If Beijing has wifi, I will talk to you tomorrow…. If not, talk with you soon

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8 thoughts on “The adventure continues…

  1. my friends ….. there was a day that Owen could balance a six pack in his belly and three more on his forhead. I am but a mere novice.

  2. Hahaha, beer can balancer = his brother. No comment 🙂
    Take photos of the travelers and start a virtual guestbook?

  3. Yes, I agree with Drifter. I am also admiring the exraordinary skill with which this man, this exceptional acrobat has, somehow, managed to peform this feat of balance. You can tell by the confident, satisfied expression on his face there is no way that can of beer will topple. I applaud him, Bravo!

  4. Thank you Drifter – that would be me. You cant teach these skills – it is something burn of instinct and true personal balance between ying and yang.

  5. Who is that amazing beer can balancer? It must have taken years and years of practice, grueling hours spent at the pub perfecting the technique. A true master of the art. Toiling in abscurity until now….finally making the big time!

  6. Safe trip home to both of you.
    The steak must have been from New Zealand , Aussie beef smelts in your mouth, lol

    Good question , how does one remember all of the New Friends you will both make ??


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