There are the poor…. and the rich

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We went to a restaurant called The Little Thai and it was. I have to admit that the food was excellent. We had a bowl of sweet yellow curried chicken and beef with baby corn and bamboo shoots. Wow!! Great stuff. It seems that Victoria is a City that loves its coffee shops and restaurants. The only thing that get under my skin is that every time that I pick a spot to go, it seems to be closed. Today for example, I walked to two Thai restaurants before I fount the third open. Huh…. I guess the other tow do not need the business too bad if they are closed on a Sunday, perhaps one of the busiest days for eating out in the week. And try to find a place that is open before 11

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 am. Victoria was like a ghost town this morning. We walked for kilometers without seeing a single shop that was open. I know it is Sunday, but coming from a place where every day is the same, and even from Edmonton where things open at 9 am makes this feel very strange. Another little bother about going to this Thai restaurant was the gauntlet of beggars we passed. They are everywhere. I guess the churches in the area offer free food, so there they were. I know I have mentioned it before but I am afraid I am going to talk about it again. It is truly an issue here that can cause a person to very easily become disgruntled and want to leave this place. Fist let me talk about the

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truly deserving homeless. I saw them for the first time today. These are people with obvious mental health issues. I have never seen so many in one area before, but here they were. I guess there is not enough room in government institutions for them. There were a number of people talking to invisible friends, and others reacting to seen and imagined events that only affected them. These people are obviously in need of some assistance and it boggles the mind that they are on the street. Some of the behaviors are upsetting and scary. I am thinking that Victoria has the mildest climate in all of Canada. It is also one of the furthest left thinking areas, and perhaps that is a natural draw to the people without homes or support. Where is there a better place where a person can sleep in the street and not freeze, find food

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 when hungry, and find sympathetic people who are willing to help?  I guess it is just a part of this city that a person has to come to terms with. BUT!! What about the steroid filled heavily tattooed fellow that walks up to you asking for spare change? These guys make me sick. And it is not just the guys… There are attractive middle aged women sitting along the waterfront in clothing that is clean, speaking in clear English also asking for hand outs. Do not tell me there is no work!! I can see help wanted signs here and there as I am walking around. These people seem to be just people that refuse to make their own money and feel that society owes them something. They do not even seem to have the decency to put a small effort into conning the money. In

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Edmonton, you will get the squeegee people trying to clean your windshield. I have not seen it here. So far they just hang around trying to look pathetic (but sometimes not), and just ask for money. From a distance, you see similar people that will join up and happily chat with the beggar you just passed. They will have their dogs and cats, and in one case iguanas and horned lizards tagging along. Plain and simple system abusers and lazy to boot….. Argh!! I have been ranting…. Sorry about that. I just do not like to be asked for money to support a smoking, steroid, or anti-establishment habit. I am sure even David Suzuki would not approve of these people………

Wish I had the bucks to own this boat... or is it ship?


Mai and I walked along the waterfront. Victoria has a very large bay that runs for quite a distance inland. It is the perfect shelter for many sea faring craft. On the walk I was stopped dead in my tracks by a sight that was somewhat awe inspiring. A Yacht called the Silver Shalis was pulling int port. It has to be one of the biggest and most luxurious Yachts I have ever seen. I returned to the condo and Searched on Google for the owner. There was an older yacht by the same name, but this one had just been completed and left the dock yards in the last weeks. The owner is a secret, but it is pulling into the Victoria harbor??? Hmmmmmmm Somebody here must have some serious money.

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  1. Yachts like that you see alot in the Carribbean, and the amount of money it costs to operate a year is staggering, 1 million a year. I traveled with a man who captained one of these yachts and he approached the owner about how to save a whopping 200k a year and the owner looked at him like he had 2 heads and said….why? Speaks volumns doesn’t it? It’s called FU money….you can tell anyone FU!

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